About TheHealthRadar Mission and Vision


TheHealthRadar.com is putting optimal wellness on the map in 2020 and beyond.

As it has been said in the language of the internet schema, a news article “is an article whose content reports news, or provides background context and supporting materials for understanding the news.” TheHealthRadar is a new-news enhancer; sourcing, curating and aggregating the sum of the whole to carefully craft a creative content piece on any number of interesting, intriguing and innovation-minded trending topics.

To consistently provide background context and supportive evidence to optimally understand trending news is TheHealthRadar angle of analyzing and spreading awareness.

The Health Radar's core focus in the health and wellness world is transparency, authenticity and safety as the top priority. When reporting daily news announcements, compiling comprehensive guides and ranking the most popular supplements, diets and fitness programs for 2020 and beyond; THR aims to aid in curating crystal clear and concise content based on fact-checked scientific research and innovative advancements for healthy living. From products to workouts to the latest news discoveries, TheHealthRadar will consistently review a company's transparency, all product’s authenticity and advocates user-first safety as the main focal points.

The goal is to always go the extra word, find the extra quotes, add entertaining media and even light-hearted memes to the mix.

At THR, we know staying up to date is not easy, but being in the know and on the go is our specialty. We invite all valued visitors to come for the headlines and stay for the insightful guides and media our team researches, assembles and publishes. A big thanks goes out to all of our current readers who support a growing community-driven initiative by taking a moment to get to know who we are and what we’re about. As a daily health news reporting aggregator, THR strives to be known as a reliable resource for reading meaningful wellness-related news, guides and discoveries.

Our Mission


Above all, in 2020 and beyond, the goal is to serve our audience as a source of timely health information. Gathering accurate and unbiased details about new health-oriented releases or sifting through the popular products that may or may not improve overall health is not easy for everyone to do in a crowded industry. Since 2006, our team leaders and members of new The Health Radar family have been following and living within the natural wellness space and are excited to bring a unique perspective with a knowledgeable outlook to the forefront. With a trained team of energetic enthusiasts sharing credible health analysis to spreading awareness, it's time to put true natural health on your radar.

Whether finding and investigating the newest medical literature sources or evaluating a dietary product's claims and ingredients, we will showcase structural integrity in journalism at all times. It is in our DNA to create a reputable cause for the greater good by sharing a fruitful force for all to benefit from as we evolve in space, time and well-being together. We are fortunate for all of our passionate contributors, editors and leaders who make The Health Radar (tick/happen/run) and look forward to making health news and research great again. Make sure to check out our entire team page to see the who's who of TheHealthRadar.com.

What Does Health Radar Do?

With a true zest and knack for staying on top of trending news alerts and new product announcements, we research and write about the latest wellness headlines to keep our audience informed and educated about how to live a higher quality of life. The foundational approach will be centered upon relaying the latest product supplementation guides, new medical studies as well as recent laws passed. Products are evaluated through a transparent review guide, discussing the ingredients used, the brand's reputation, and where the formulas can be purchased safely. News stories will include direct quotes from impactful companies and individuals, when applicable, and will address some of the most popular topics of interest facing the industry today. As mentioned, quality is our top priority and we are dedicated to delivering fact-checked, easy to digest summaries of everything regarding health and wellness knowledge.

Ranking Products

When we examine the products we review, the process takes a little time, but we research the scientific claims made by retailers on these products, while considering the positive and negative feedback already reported on these products via social media, public forums and retail platforms. Ingredients are researched, as well as the compliance to the current FDA guidelines.

Though there are plenty of factors that would go into choosing “the best” products, our focus is to examine each product’s quality, matching it up the industry standards and the performance of comparable formulas. If the word “best” is used in any of our review guides, rest assured that this is purely an opinion, and experiences may vary from customer to customer. Often times we use a weighted scaled of popularity, user comments as well as trending demand via search tools.

With those factors considered, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a supplement company to challenge the opinions we publish, which they are free to do. However, regardless of any statements or incentives of the company, we maintain our integrity and are unbiased in our rankings of these remedies. We will always disclose any relationship or partnership, as well as if we have personally tested the supplement or program at-hand. Make sure to read The Health Radar's disclaimer and disclosure policies for more details.

What Doesn’t Health Radar Do?

Throughout our product reviews and program guides, consumers will find our well-researched opinions, analysis, and even our recommendations, based on the quality of the company and product to the best of our ability. However, there are two things we do not do at all – we do not provide medical advice and we do not make/produce/sell these products.

Customers that want to soothe their body with one of the supplements reviewed will find a wealth of information regarding what the product does. However, as we are not medical professionals, it would be a liability to directly tell consumers to treat their conditions with a specific product, especially with no knowledge of their current circumstances. Anyone that needs a licensed, professional opinion on one of the products we review should seek out a doctor’s appointment locally.

Our user-safety first review guides will often tell the audience were the products can be purchased, directing them to a third-party website. As our entire platform is based on simply giving information about these products, we do not act as a retailer or online marketplace whatsoever, as this would not be fair when reporting daily news and product announcements.

What to Expect in 2020

When it comes to informative news and health pieces, we have a big year planned. The supplement industry alone is expected to surpass $349.4 billion by 2026, according to a report by MarketWatch in March 2019. With thousands of formulas on the market and new discoveries happening all the time, we aim to prepare our audience with all of the most pertintent information that they need to know to make healthy choices and apply to their lives in a meaningful way.

Through the next year, we will be reviewing hundreds upon hundreds of articles, and we hope to educate the masses about what products they can trust and what products they may be more apprehensive about. Plus, our news pieces will bring updated information about important policy changes, innovative new companies, and more.

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