Best NAD+ Booster Supplements: Ranking the Top Products

Rating the best NAD+ boosters to see which are the top ranking nicotinamide riboside supplements to use in 2021 and beyond.

Every year Americans spend billions of dollars to fight the effects of aging, making the wellness industry one of the fastest-growing sectors. Our quest for longevity and the proverbial fountain of youth has led to new developments in anti-aging supplements.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (known as NAD) supplements can fight the signs of aging inside your body and target signs of aging at the cellular level. As we age, the levels of NAD in our bodies decrease. Low NAD levels affect health concerns like aging and chronic illnesses. By elevating your NAD levels, you can slow or even reverse some aspects of aging.

NAD supplements and boosters contain nicotinamide riboside, a form of vitamin B3. Your body converts nicotinamide riboside into NAD+, the helper molecule that supports healthy aging.

How do NAD+ boosters work, and what are the best NAD+ supplements for 2021? We separate facts from fiction. Read on to find out more about the best NAD supplements on the market.

Rating the Best NAD+ Booster Supplements for 2021

To determine the potency and efficacy of NAD Supplements, we looked at the various products, compared laboratory reports, and tried them ourselves.

Below are the best NAD supplements for 2021:

Tru Niagen


There is more research on Tru Niagen than any other NAD booster supplements. This NAD supplement is supported by scientific evidence and is an industry leader. Tru Niagen has undergone several clinical tests and is certified by the FDA, European Commission, Health Canada, and Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Based on studies, Tru Niagen’s nicotinamide riboside (NR) assists cellular energy production as well as cellular repair. A daily dose of Tru Niagen increases NAD+ by 80%, reducing aging and promoting cellular energy production and overall health and well-being.

This NAD supplement is also available in 30 count, 90 count, or 180 count bottles and 300 mg and 500 mg capsules. The more you buy, the more you save.

Tru Niagen Price: $40 to $230



Elysium is one of the top-ranked NAD supplements and contains two main ingredients: nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene. Both are part of the Vitamin B complex family. Clinical trials proved that those two ingredients helpt to slow brain atrophy by 86%.

Elysium also contains other ingredients such as antioxidants, anthocyanins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Elysium provides customers with a biological age test kit to track the effectiveness of the supplement. The test kit must be used daily, before and after taking Elysium, and will follow the rate at which you're aging.

Elysium offers two options, Matter and Basis. Matter promotes long-term mental health. Basis supports anti-aging and DNA health. Elysium is one of the few companies that have conducted human trials.

Elysium Price: $50 to $70

Cymbiotika NMN


Cymbiotika NMN consists of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), polyphenols, and antioxidants and increases your NAD levels throughout your body. The NMN boosts your NAD+ levels and consists of green tea extract, green coffee, apigenin, and resveratrol.

According to Cymbiotika manufacturers, the daily use of two capsules effectively improves your cognitive health, protects your DNA, and boosts your energy. Cymbiotika NMN doesn't contain any synthetic additives or chemicals but does contain fish, wheat, soy, gluten, and lactose.

Cymbiotika NMN Price: $77


RiboGEN is a nicotinamide riboside (NR) supplement and the only product that maintains the same purity level in medical research as in clinical studies. RiboGEN is made up of a concentration of nicotinamide riboside and contributes to elevated levels of NAD+. The supplements consist of 300 mg of NR per serving. Priced at $330, RiboGEN is more expensive than other NAD+ boosters mentioned here, but this high-end product contains 300 capsules (equivalent to 300 servings) in each bottle.

RiboGEN Price: $330

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator boosts cell regeneration and increases NAD+ production. This supplement contains a 300 mg dose of Niagen NR.

Based on reports, NAD+ Cell Regenerator can help reduce cell fatigue, improve mitochondrial health and cellular energy production. Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator ranks among some of the best NAD supplements that have similar ingredients.

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator Price: $45

Alive By Science

Famous for its Resveratrol LIPO Gel and its NMN, Alive By Science produces various NAD+ boosters. Customers can take the gels orally to promote absorption.

Alive By Science also comes in powder and capsule forms to maximize the benefits. Alive By Science offers different variants to meet everyone's unique anti-aging needs.

Alive By Science Price: $50 to $80 NR Chloride Powder NR Chloride Powder is one of the most potent NR supplements and comes in 10 g jars. This NAD supplement boosts NAD+ levels and is available in powder form and capsules. Science. bio's NR Chloride Powder is produced in batches with codes representing purity and transparency. NR Chloride Powder offers the highest doses of nicotinamide riboside. The jar can withstand UV rays, preventing deterioration of the supplement. NR Chloride Powder Price: $30

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal NAD+ Gold

Quicksilver Scientific is one of the best supplements on the market. NAD+ Gold comprises NMN, which performs better than nicotinamide in terms of increasing NAD+ levels. NAD+ Gold can increase NAD+ levels, support aging, and improve mental cognition. NAD+ Gold uses sublingual delivery, meaning the supplement diffuses into the bloodstream when taken.

NAD+ gold will be a good choice for people who have difficulty swallowing or uses lots of pills. To use the supplement, press the pump twice for 30 seconds and swallow.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal NAD+ Gold Price: $60

Toniq NMN

Toniq NMN claims it is 99% pure and is considered one of the top-ranked supplements on the list. Each serving contains 300 mg of NMN. Clinically tests are performed in one batch to ensure it complies with the required standards and meets the highest level of quality. Toniq NMN is highly purified and produced in a certified facility.

Toniq NMN does have a short shelf-life and must be kept refrigerated. The packaging is a black bottle that prevents the penetration of light and oxygen, thereby improving its potency.

Toniq NMN Price: $110

HPN Supplements NAD3 NAD+ Booster

HPN Supplements NAD3 NAD+ Booster uses a multi-ingredient approach by combining copper and niacin. Often referred to as the Fountain of Youth, this supplement helps treat copper deficiencies.

Supplements with HPN uses a unique patented blend named the NAD3 Patent-Pending Formula and includes wasabi and theacrine. Daily use of this supplement can reduce cellular inflammation, increase cell detoxification and boost NAD+ levels.

HPN Supplements NAD3 NAD+ Booster Price: $60

Liftmode NMN

Liftmode NMN contains 10g of nicotinamide mononucleotide and is produced synthetically. Studies have shown that Liftmode NMN improves cellular energy, boosts regeneration, and improves cognitive mental functions. Liftmode NMN comes in a transparent plastic jar to ensure efficacy and purity.

Liftmode NMN Price: $68

How We Ranked the Top NAD Supplements for 2021

NAD supplement manufacturers all claim to increase NAD+ levels and support anti-aging. Only the best supplements match their claims, and we used the following factors to identify the best NAD supplements for 2021.

Proven Ingredients

NR and NMN are the active ingredients in NAD supplements and are proven to increase NAD+ levels. Every NAD Supplement on our list uses one of these ingredients in the production process. We only listed clinically tested products that focus on increasing NAD+ levels.


Not all NAD Supplements clearly state the ingredients on the labels, making it difficult to determine their content. We only ranked NAD+ boosters that had transparent and honest ingredient labels.

Strong Doses

Some NAD Supplements have the right ingredients but offer low doses, which may not be quite effective. The products on our list all contain suitable ingredients at effective dosages.

Complementary Ingredients

We know that NMH and NR significantly improve NAD+ levels, but other ingredients can also influence these levels. Resveratrol, turmeric, and other components are likely to boost NAD+ levels in beneficial ways. Many supplement manufacturers now include these ingredients in their products. We prioritized supplements that contained complementary ingredients, but the list also included products without complementary elements.

Price & Value

The prices of NAD supplements range from $30 to $200. We listed NAD supplements available at different price ranges. We did prioritize good value to help you make the right choice.

Manufacturer Reputation

Cymbiotika, Niagen, and Elysiumranks are among the best and most reputable brands in the NAD supplement industry. These three manufacturers have an excellent reputation for producing pure, high-quality NAD+ booster supplements. Some manufacturers have conducted human clinical trials, and we listed those with a proven track record over profiteers.

Advertised Benefits

Some products claim to reverse your age by 20 years or reduce your weight by 50 lbs within a month. Manufacturers that exaggerate the benefits of their products did not make our list. We only ranked products with real advantages.

Human Clinical Trials

To determine the efficacy and potency of their products, some manufacturers did perform clinical trials on humans. We also listed supplements that are scientifically proven to be effective.

The Top 4 Benefits of NAD Supplements

Make sure the NAD supplement you choose offers the following benefits:

Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss

The older you get, the more you lose some of your cognitive functions. NAD supplements are essential in repairing DNA and protecting your brain against neural stress. People report an improvement in their memory after using a NAD supplement.

Improves Muscle Strength

Research shows that NAD supplements can enhance exercise performance and improve muscle strength. Improved endurance has also been connected to NAD supplements.

Reverses the Effects of Aging

The main reason people use NAD supplements is for their anti-aging properties. NAD supplements can reverse the effects of aging. In a recent study, researchers administered NAD supplements to mice and later tested their tissue. There was no difference between the tissue of a 4-month-old mouse or that of a two-year-old mouse. The results proved that NAD supplements did affect aging.

Weight Loss

NAD supplements can fight the effects of high-fat foods, thereby helping to control weight gain. A study shows that mice who ate a high-fat diet and took NAD supplements gained less weight than a placebo group. It was also discovered that these mice had increased levels of energy.

The Top 5 Natural Ways to Boost NAD+ Levels

Boost your NAD+ levels naturally with these healthy lifestyle choices. Below are the top 5 ways to naturally boost NAD+ levels.

Fast or Practice Intermittent Fasting

Based on research, fasting can increase your NAD+ levels. Combining fasting and restricting calorie consumption can significantly raise NAD+ levels and improve longevity and healthy aging.

Practice HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can boost NAD+ levels and growth hormones. HIIT-type workouts also improve mitochondrial health, and these workouts also increase NAD+ levels and help your body utilize NAD+ more efficiently.

Avoiding Sun Damage

When your skin has been damaged by the sun, your body signals your nervous system to activate NAD to help repair the damage. The NAD is only activated when it's needed. Wear sunscreen or protective clothing to reduce the level of damage and boost your NAD+ levels.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Your body needs specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, to carry out essential processes, such as maintaining high NAD+ levels. Eat a balanced diet to increase your NAD+ levels and reverse the effects of aging.

Top 5 Best Foods for Boosting NAD+ Levels

Research has shown that healthy lifestyle choices can increase NAD+ levels. Fasting and following a keto diet will also improve NAD+ levels. Below are some suggested foods to eat to boost your NAD+ levels naturally.


Dairy milk contains nicotinamide riboside (NR), which boosts NAD+ levels. Drink a glass of milk a day and reduce the signs of aging.


It is not a well-known fact that mushrooms have many anti-aging properties. Not only are mushrooms delicious, but they are also good for you.


Fish such as tuna, sardines, and salmon are a good source of NAD+, and you should add them to your diet to boost anti-aging effects.

Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which help the body produce NAD+ and other essential compounds.

Yeast & Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in Vitamin B3, and yeast contains nicotinamide riboside, a precursor to NAD. To boost your NAD+ levels, consume more whole grains and avoid processed grains.

Who Should Use NAD Supplements?

Manufacturers developed NAD supplements for older adults who want to slow down the aging process and boost their overall health. Elevating the NAD+ levels in your body can help control cholesterol levels and protect the brain against degenerative diseases. You can use NAD Supplements in combination with fish oil and Vitamin B12 for improved results in health and well-being.

Most adults have normal NAD+ levels, and increasing these levels beyond the normal range may protect against aging. DNA damage, stress, and inflammation are linked to the aging process. Increasing the levels of NAD will inhibit aging. According to a study published in Nature Communications in 2016, mice fed with NAD+supplements and a high-fat diet showed no weight gain. There was also no significant loss of their auditory functions, and they retained their cellular processes.

Side Effects of NAD Supplements

NAD supplements have little to no side effects and contain ingredients considered safe for use by the FDA. Follow the recommended dosage instructions. If you have a medical condition or are on chronic medication, consult your doctor before taking any NAD supplements.

NAD+ Booster Dosage

NAD supplements come in doses of 300 mg of NR or NMN. Studies have shown that this dosage can significantly increase the NAD+ levels in your body. Amounts as small as 100 mg may have the same effects, and doses of 1,000mg will further increase the impact of NAD levels. Look for NAD supplements with a minimum of 300 mg of NR per serving to optimize your NAD+ levels.

Scientific Evidence IN Support of NAD+ Boosters

NAD+ boosters may be new on the market, but ongoing research supports the claims that these boosters can slow down the aging process in the body. Further study and human trials are required.

According to recent animal studies, researchers administered NAD supplements to a group of mice with age-related memory loss. Some mice took a placebo, and others took NAD supplements in their drinking water. The mice who received the supplement had higher neuroplasticity and minor DNA damage in the hippocampus. Researchers also found increased production of new neurons and lower neuronal damage.

The study proved that NAD+ supplements neutralize the harmful effects of a high-fat diet. The mice were fed a high-fat diet in the NAD group and gained 60% less weight than those who received the placebo. The mice who received the NAD supplement had higher energy levels and improved metabolism.

Taking a NAD supplement boosts not only your NAD+ levels but also increases muscle function and strength. Researchers administered a placebo and a NAD supplement to two groups of mice. The mice in the NAD group gained more power compared to the placebo group.

Most NAD manufacturers claim that their supplements can repair damaged DNA. Studies have confirmed these claims and proven that NAD+ boosters can repair DNA. In this study, researchers found no difference between the tissue of a two-year-old mouse and a four-month-old mouse.

Other studies showed that NAD+ boosters could enhance longevity. By activating SIRT1, a type of sirtuins protein, the boosters improved mitochondrial function.

NAD+ boosters help you to maintain high NAD+ levels, but there are other ways you can boost these levels. A healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, and fasting affect NAD+ levels. A study from 2014 reported that consuming 20% to 30% fewer calories was linked to increasing NAD+ levels. The study also showed that fasting and reducing calory intake raised NAD+ levels and activated SIRT1. Many people claim intermittent fasting programs and keto dieting increases NAD+ levels, but more research is needed to verify these claims.

Most researchers used mice in their clinical trials instead of humans. Researchers discovered that NAD supplements could raise the NAD+ levels in healthy adults without any side effects. A recent study published in Nature Communications reported an increase in NAD+ and adenine diphosphate ribose (ADPR) levels.

More research is required to verify the claims made by manufacturers. Research into the effects of NAD+ boosters and supplements in mice, animals, and humans is ongoing. Studies revealed that NAD+ boosters rank among the most effective types of anti-aging supplements available today.

FAQs About NAD+ Boosters

Q: What is NAD?

A: NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme present in all living cells and is responsible for your metabolism.

Q: What's the difference between NAD, NAD+, and NADH?

A: NAD is an essential coenzyme found in all cells and affects your metabolism. NAD+ and NADH are two other types of coenzymes and do not perform cell processes.

Q: What does NAD+ do?

A: NAD+ converts nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel which helps your cells exchange and produce energy.

Q: What is ATP?

A: Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) carries energy in your cells and helps the conversion of nutrients into ATP, which is then released to many other cells producing energy.

Q: What are so-called sirtuins?

A: Sirtuins are proteins that activate multiple cellular processes. Sirtuins react with NAD+ and play a pivotal role in cellular energy production. NAD+ works with sirtuins to promote DNA repair and gene expression.

Q: Why does NAD drop with age?

A: Your body naturally produces NAD to boost energy and cellular health. As you grow older, your NAD level drops due to your body's low production of NAD.

Q: What are the symptoms of low NAD levels?

A: Symptoms of low NAD levels may include feeling sluggish and tired. You may also have impaired cognition. High levels of NAD boost physical and cognitive functions.

Q: How does a NAD supplement help?

A: Research shows that administering NAD directly to cells can reverse the effects of aging. NAD claims to reduce cell aging, cellular stress, and stress caused by age. After administering NAD directly to them, researchers studied mouse cells and could distinguish the NAD group from the placebo group.

Q: What is a NAD booster?

A: An NAD+ booster is a supplement that aims to increase the NAD levels in your body. The older you get, the more your NAD levels drop and cause symptoms of aging. NAD+ boosters reduce aging effects and increase your NAD+ levels to restore cellular energy.

Q: What is nicotinamide riboside (NR)?

A: Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a form of Vitamin B3 that produces NAD in your body. Researchers believe that your body uses NR to produce NAD,+, which is why many NR supplements are also called NAD+ boosters.

Q: What is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)?

A: Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is one of two essential precursors to NAD. NMC is a derivative of ribose and nicotinamide and is used to produce NAD+ for cellular functions.

Q: What's the difference between NAD+ boosters that use NMN and NR?

A: NAD+ boosters and supplements are new to the wellness industry. The growing program of research to distinguish NMN from NR supplements is ongoing. Both NMN and NR can also increase your body's NAD+ levels.

Q: How do I increase NAD levels naturally?

A: Studies showed that diet, lower calorie intake, and regular exercise could affect your NAD levels. Foods that are high in fats and low in carbs can raise the ratio of NAD+ to NADH. This change protects you against oxidative stress and supports anti-aging effects. Intermittent fasting also improves NAD levels.

Q: Does HIIT boost NAD+?

A: Yes, HIIT or High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts can boost growth hormones and NAD+ levels.

Q: Why can't I just take an NAD+ supplement with NAD+?

A: Most NAD+ boosters contain precursors to NAD, such as NMN or NR. NAD+ boosters come in the form of NR and NMN supplements. Studies confirmed that You shouldn't take NAD+ supplements alone because the dosage is too large. Taking a spoonful of NAD+ to increase NAD+ levels would be pretty challenging to swallow.

Q: Is niacin or niacinamide better for NAD+?

A: Vitamin B contains niacin and niacinamide, and much research has been done on these two elements. Based on the study, scientists found that nicotinamide mononucleotide and nicotinamide riboside is safer to use than niacin and niacinamide. Nicotinamide mononucleotide and nicotinamide riboside are more effective in optimizing the levels of NAD+. NAD+ precursors have fewer side effects than niacin and niacinamide and are safe to use when administering low dosages. Side effects may include itching and nausea.

Q: Do niacin-based supplements boost NAD+?

A: Yes, it does. Niacin, also called nicotinic acid, is a form of Vitamin B3 that helps raise NAD+ levels in the body. It has not been reported that niacin can become harmful at high doses and have many side effects. If you want to boost your NAD+ levels, choose a nicotinamide mononucleotide or nicotinamide riboside supplement.

Q: Is NR better than NMN for boosting NAD+?

A: Researchers use NR instead of NMN in their studies to test the effectiveness of NAD+ boosters. Some of these researchers believe NMN is too big to permeate cellular walls. Niacin, NR, and nicotinamide form part of Vitamin B3 that can all permeate r cell walls and are the smallest precursors of NAD+.

Q: What are the side effects of NAD+ boosters?

A: Side effects from using NAD+ boosters can include skin discoloration, a burning sensation, or itching in some cases.

Q: What are the best foods for boosting NAD+?

A: Based on research, fish, yeast, mushrooms, and dairy milk are considered the best foods for increasing NAD+ levels.

Q: Is sunlight harmful for NAD+ production?

A: Yes, excessive sunlight can be harmful for NAD+ production. Your body needs NAD+ to repair some of the damage caused by sunlight. NAD+ levels can also get depleted in the body due to excessive sunlight. If UV rays have damaged your cells, you must immediately increase your NAD+ levels to repair the damaged cells.

Q: Is NAD+ an anti-aging supplement?

A: Yes, it is. NAD+ supplements can reverse the signs of aging-related symptoms. As you get older, your cellular and cognitive functions decline, and you will need NAD+ supplements to fight the signs of aging.

Q: What are the benefits of NAD+ boosters?

A: NAD+ boosters support muscle strength and stamina and boost your immune system. Other benefits include increased energy levels, improved sleep, liver protection, and DNA self-repair.

Q: Why are low NAD levels wrong?

A: Low NAD levels are linked to weight gain, impaired brain function, cardiovascular disease, decreased metabolism, and cell death.

Q: How does NAD IV therapy work?

A: Some people use NAD supplements to raise theirnNAD+ levels, while others take NAD intravenously. Health workers inject NAD along with complementary vitamins directly into your bloodstream, from where they travel to the target areas.

Q: Should you take NAD+ in the morning or at night?

A: Based on research, it does not matter what time of day or night you take your supplement. Your NAD+ levels increase after using a dose of the supplement. If you feel energized after taking your NAD supplement, you should consider taking it in the morning. You can also take NAD supplements at night as it doesn't have any effect on sleep quality.

Q: Can NAD+ supplements help with Alzheimer's?

A: There are no proven reports of NAD+ supplements alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Pharmacological studies suggest increased NAD+ levels could support Alzheimer's and treat degenerative diseases.

Q: What is the best sublingual NAD+ supplement?

A: Sublingual refers to “under the tongue,” medication and are substances that diffuse into the bloodstream through the tissues under your tongue. For those who have difficulty swallowing, sublingual supplements will be a good option in administering NAD+ supplements. Other supplements come in capsule forms, and we preferred the delivery of Quicksilver Scientific NAD+ Gold as it was easy to use and potent.

Q: What is the best NAD+ supplement?

A: Niagen, Elysium, and Cymbiotika rank among the best and most reputable brands in the NAD+ booster industry. These supplements are readily available online.

Top NAD+ Supplements for 2021 Final Word

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is crucial for cellular energy and growth. Improve your NAD+ levels with an NAD+ booster supplement, and increase your cellular energy, weight loss, and mental cognition. Many NAD+ manufacturers claim to offer the same benefits. The above list of NAD+ boosters ranks among the best NAD+ supplements available today.

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