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This disclosure specifically pertains to the content published to the official The Health Radar website ( , which will be referred to as Health Radar, from this point on. Make sure to read our mission and vision on our about page, disclaimer, editorial policy, as well as our team and how we work for more transparency.

Affiliate Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission requires that any affiliation with a brand, company, or other entity that will result in compensation must be disclosed to the public, due to federal regulations. Health Radar will be updating the affiliate list as new high-quality venders, product creators, etc. are vetted and added, though we do not presently have affiliates connected with our website.

Avoiding or Removing Affiliate Tracking

Even though we are set up to receive compensation from affiliates, our readers have the ability to opt out tracking. For readers that do not want our website to earn a commission from the purchase of a product, there are a few steps to follow:

  • -When visiting the website for a vendor, go through an outside link, rather than the one we provide.
  • -Search for the brand and product with a search engine to access the page.
  • -Copy the root URL from our product link and input it into the browser.
  • -Block cookies from our website with the settings on your browser.

If the reader has already clicked the link, there are still ways to avoid this compensation. You only need to use one of these methods.

  • -Switch devices.
  • -Switch browsers.
  • -Delete cookies on the browser used

Why We Use Affiliate Links on Our Website

The purpose of our affiliate links is to allow us to make the profit we need to make to keep our website and business running, while offering accurate and honest information to readers with no cost to them. There’s no charge for visiting our website or reading our content, but this marketing strategy allows our initiative to be funded. All of these links will be labeled and marked to maintain a credible level of transparency and professionalism.

Receiving Products

When we have affiliates we connect with, there many be times when we receive a product for free. However, companies are not guaranteed that they will be featured or reviewed as a result of this gift, allowing our team to remain entirely unbiased and transparent.

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