TheHealthRadar Research: Our Analysis Mapped Out


In a quest to become the most trustworthy and timely health news platform in 2020, the THR team wants to openly share our coveted research process with all of our readers for full transparency and authenticity.

As a daily news publisher, trending product reviewer and supplementation guide provider, the 20/20 vision of mission of putting health news on the wellness map involves many checkpoints, benchmarks and guidelines within our template of producing high-quality research, analysis and insights.

The image we used above on our research process is equivalent to a lighthearted-meme, polarizingly-implying we are not in a white lab coat with latex gloves on writing with a pen on a pad. Instead, this three phased protocol outlined below is what gives TheHealthRadar its checks and balances as we aim to earn your trust naturally and respect organically.

The Health Radar 3 Step Research Process

The health and wellness world in 2020 and beyond is big. So big, that digging of significant news, meaningful reviews and useful guides requires a lot of time, skill and will.

At THR, we often reference the law of three, and give the example of living 3+ weeks without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without air as a symbolic analogy to prioritizing from top to bottom on what matters, ticks and sticks when it comes to any one of these three areas of industry we operate in here.

From diet to fitness to supplements, the outer shell of how we operate behind the scenes in terms of finding, figuring out and flowing with the content we generate to share for all can be summed up into these three pillars:

  • curate
  • create
  • capture

Now, much more goes on in the physical and digital THR ‘war rooms' of sourcing, writing, editing, proofing and releasing the health and wellness content found on, but let's keep it topical to start and get granular as we go.

1) Curate the best

The research curation process is about finding out the pertinent details of the who, what, when, where, why and how of the whole. Being a lighthouse for trending news, industry headlines, new scientific studies/medical discoveries, relevant quotes, interviews, podcasts and videos from related media outlets, channels, influencers and platforms takes committed concentration and dedicated discipline to follow through on all of the announcements daily. The global economy and marketplace is 24/7/365 and is expanding at unprecedented rates. The Health Radar platform will only be creating content from the cream of the crop in these areas of health and wellness awareness.

2) Create the conversation

Once you aggregate all of the meaningful announcements of impactful news and the most significant stories, the signal from the noise will surface to the top. Then, having the ongoing curation process started, you can begin to conduct research into the topic(s) at hand and craft the dialogue from an insightful analyst perspective. This curate to create phase is designed to help separate fact from fiction, leaving the hype, fluff and clutter behind to be left with all that is ‘right' (aka factual, accurately proven and examined thoroughly), so the readers can actually understand and truly digest the main focal point concepts while ultimately capturing the essence of the story, review or guide.

3) Capture the essence

Through the curating and creating parts of The Health Radar's research process, last and certainly not least, comes bringing everything full circle. From distinguishing the macro from the micro to the ripple effects the central theme of the article may have, the THR team of writer, editor and publisher through the curate, create and capture process helps ensure all dots are connected and the overall essence of the story, review and/or guide has encapsulated the entire ecosystem/outlook/overview of what is important, what deserves attention (to be featured or highlighted) in a user-safety, reader-first approach.

After all, that is how we put wellness on the map, which is The Health Radar's goal for 2020 and beyond.

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