TheHealthRadar Story: Our Journey into Wellness


The Health Radar (THR) is rewriting wholesome wellness in 2020 a bit different than the rest of the online media publishing platforms.

As explained in ‘our mission and vision‘ of putting wellness on the map with daily news updates, trending headline announcements and product review guides, it is sincerely near and dear for us to have complete transparency with our growing readership base.

As new searchers of optimal health habits, knowledge and ‘known truths' rise and people awake to becoming a healthy lifestyle enthusiast in 2020 and beyond; the executive staff, editorial team and contributing writers all felt it was best to share a side of our journey into this ever-evolving ecosystem, providing full trust and authenticity moving forward as we gain momentum thanks to your support.

This is the The Health Radar story from soil and seed to a successful sprout, knowing sharing is caring via harvesting a crystal clear 20/20 vision for dynamic content creation on all things health and well-being. Get ready for a fresh, pure outlook on optimizing you.

For starters, from wellness news, to supplement reviews to user-safety guides; The Health Radar is very consistent with one thing; less is more – no clutter, no fluff pieces or clunky site popups – nor excessive, irritating adverts flooding your eyeballs with non-sense. TheHealthRadar believes in building a reader-valued experience when browsing our health and wellness platform.

In a nutshell's shell of a nut, THR's story is based on applying savvy survival alchemy into living a health-is-thy-wealth-first lifestyle.

By using smart and studied common-sense approaches towards implementing simple sustainability strategies (sport), constant consistent care (body) and perpetual preservation practices (mind), a higher quality of life is much more obtainable physically, mentally and emotionally than ever thought before. It is the law of three; you, us and we – you can go 3+ weeks without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without air – THR prioritizes the most significant elements to research when it comes to being competitive at the game of life and winning the war on graceful aging. Quality health information is the new wellness currency.

THR acts as a catalyst of transformation by committing to a fluid focus of creating long term wellness guides (1), in-depth product supplementation reviews (2) and hot-off-the-press trending daily news (3). THR's DNA is to highlight awareness for living optimally, naturally.

The heartbeat of THR focuses on three fundamental pillars of living a higher quality lifestyle: a) diet b) fitness c) supplementation

Of course, there are many offshoots to these 3 core elements of wellness which all require thoughtful investigations into over time – from nutrition, foods and meal plans to workouts and exercises to health products and programs – after years of reading countless books, consuming all kinds of influential podcasts, interviews, Youtube videos, attending events and sifting through Google medical literature results, there is no turning back to the ‘old way of living life'. It's time to activate the new you.

From tip time to the jump to the final buzzer, the springboard pep in our step is to score ‘know like and trust' points from all available spots in the space. Our organic origins of crafting thorough analysis and educational research for all relevant topics is designed to enhance anyone's knowledge by providing easy-to-digest insights of the what's what and who's who in health for 2020 and beyond.

By using this easy-as one two three framework in everything curated and produced, The Health Radar looks to become a force in creating high-demand, beneficial specialty pieces that rock (and even shock) the online health community.

In time we will be releasing our unique collective understandings and potent user-first perspectives brought forth by our team of advanced health advocates, complied with our innovative methods of balancing the macro and the micro of today's healthy well-being space will give us a mountain-top edge to stand on in the future.

Its the little things that matter. From the granular to the grandiose, health is thy wealth when it all comes down to it. True happiness should be what it feels like to recover from an ailment, illness, injury or any condition that throws you off track for days or even weeks at a time. We remind you to relax, take a ‘chill pill' and know even Superman/Superwoman gets sick from kryptonite.

The Health Radar's determined discipline will be hard to ignore as we help transform ‘ignorance is bliss' into ‘know thyself' by sharing simple stacking strategies, actions and activities day in and day out that will lead to optimizing optimal outcomes.

What's next? Reach out to THR and let us know what's on your mind, good or bad, whether healthy lifestyle questions or personal wellness inquiries. Connecting with our audience as we continue to craft a community of conscious-co-creators in 2020 and beyond is a major key.

Pay close attention in the coming weeks and months for The Health Radar report being released regarding the intimate details of our story as well as the truth about dieting, exercising and supplementing for your health.

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