Blaux Heater: The Blaux HeatCore Personal Heating Unit Truth

Blaux HeatCore is a personal heater known as the ultimate chill killer, but new research report reviews the truth about negative Blaux Heater complaints and risks.

The Blaux Heater, known as the Blaux HeatCore and dubbed the Ultimate Chill Killer, is a personal heating unit that uses fast-acting convection ceramic heating technology with a built-in antimicrobial filter that effectively kills bacteria and eliminates odors straight out of the box to rapidly and instantly start warming up your immediate living space.

Made available only on the official Blaux Heater website of, the 2-in-1 heater fan has turned up the temperature on just what seasonal shoppers thought was possible for easily enduring and optimally overcoming the unforgiving cold weather forecasts this year.

blaux heater warming effects

Given the rising popularity and hot demand of the Blaux HeatCore, The Health Radar went to work for consumers by rolling up the sleeves and putting the investigative pen to the analysis pad regarding a complete Blaux Heater review from the inside out. Having just released in the last week of October 2020, there are many pertinent details to discuss that are hot off the press as the fall season gracefully transitions into the long, cold winter months and personal space heaters start to become ever more important to withstand the freezing cold conditions this seasonal cycle inevitably brings our way. To accurately provide a comprehensive overview of what the Blaux HeatCore really is, how it works and where to buy a personal Blaux Heater today, the research team made it a priority to become actual Blaux Heater customer by purchasing our own Blaux HeatCore unit.

As customer concerns and user complaints continue to heat up given the extremely high interest the Blaux HeatCore Heater, it was only right to go through the entire process of not only researching and reviewing, but buying the personal heater from Blaux directly first. It is a tall task to ask all consumers to do the proper amount of due diligence before using any consumer good or electronic device, let alone one that is a cutting edge, category-creating device with practical use cases and everyday applications of enhancing your immediate and direct living space. The following Blaux Heater report by The Health Radar about the legitimacy of the Blaux HeatCore unit will come in handy for those looking for the right warm and cozy personal heating solution this upcoming holiday season.

What is the Blaux Heater?

What is the Blaux Heater?

The Blaux Heater is a built to last, stylish personalized space heater sold exclusively online through As technology and innovation continue to impress in the world of health and lifestyle wellness, the latest industry to experience a burst of highly attractable advancements of invaluable use case is the portable personal heating devices.

At its core, the Blaux Heater is a personal space heater that features a modern-looking frame with powerful convection ceramic heating technology and an antimicrobial filter that purifies the surrounding air in your living space from funky odors, airborne bacteria and toxic molds. With the global pandemic and Covid-19 health crisis still circulating, this is an ever more important feature that is all but secondary in terms of main attractions, yet equally important considering lung and respiratory health is in a heightened awareness phase. In the most basic sense, the heater is designed to heat small spaces all winter long requiring much less time and energy than traditional heating systems and solutions. The Blaux HeatCore works anywhere there is a power source, as you can place it on your nightstand or desktop, at the office or in the RV camper, to warm you up when and where it is needed most.

But given the newness of this emerging industry and hard to resist attraction the Blaux HeatCore Heater offer ultimately is, there are a few key facts and technical specifications to elaborate upon that can help consumers feel confidence about finding the best personal heater for this cold weather cycle.

Those aiming to find out exactly how the fast-acting Blaux Heater works have come to the right review to research. Not only will consumers grasp a better understanding of what the Blaux Heater is and how the Blaux HeatCore works, but also get a deep dive into learning all about the highly-advanced features this multi-functional, dual-purpose personalized heating unit has to offer right out of the box.  But the grandiose question is finding out the truth about whether or not the Blaux HeatCore Personal Heater is worth the price? Find out everything you need to know about the new personal space heater from Blaux today in our review.

blaux personal heater fan

But before getting into the nitty gritty and sinking our teeth into the heart of the Blaux Heater controversy regarding negative reviews and user complaints, let's review how the Blaux HeatCore works using convection ceramic heating technology and an antimicrobial filter for eliminating bacteria and odors in an energy-efficient, cost-saving manner to see why the popular, trending Blaux Heater has become the hard to miss attraction of the holiday shopping season.

How Does the Blaux Heater Work?

The Blaux Heater aims to provide targeted heating to any area of your home. However, the heater does more than that: it also features a filtration system that kills bacteria and odors. The non-battery powered Blaux HeatCore unit does not use el cheapo USB-cable power supply cord, allowing for peak performance of converting electricity into heat

The Blaux Heater aims to provide rapid, targeted, personalized heating with a small, durable and sleek design using high quality materials with a hard plastic shell that is cool to the touch with no exposed heating coils or elements. Using convection ceramic heating technology and a cost-saving, energy-efficient design, the Blaux HeatCore Heater aims to keep customers warm in any environment, working to provide warmth and comfort throughout the coldest corners of your home as the temperatures drop to frigid degrees outside.

For those who may not know yet, Blaux is a leading direct to consumer health and lifestyle enhancement brand that specializes in personal cooling and heating products with a range of unique offers available online. Earlier in the year, Blaux sold personal air conditioning systems and small personal coolers. Today, with winter approaching, Blaux has switched to providing the polar opposite in personal heaters for rapid, instant and targeted relief from the chilling cold the winter inevitably brings about.

blaux heater benefits

With the Blaux Heater, you can enjoy warmer, cleaner air throughout your home as soon as you plug in the personal space heater unit.

Like other space heaters, the Blaux Heater is designed for smaller spaces and immediate areas up to 250 square feet. Upfront and out in the open, it is important to note it is not designed to heat an entire open floor of your home, nor could it heat a larger room effectively. However, if you want cosmetically-appealing, smart energy efficient heating solution for a bedroom, office, or smaller living spaces, then the Blaux HeatCore Heater may be the right choice for exactly what you need to stay warm and comfortable the next few months.

Blaux reveals their heater can cover up to 250 square feet of space, making it ideal for medium-sized rooms.

blaux heatcore uses

Like other space heaters, the Blaux Heater also comes with a tip-over warning, something we don’t always see on budget space heaters. If the unit gets tipped over, the heater automatically shuts off, preventing the heater from starting a fire.

As a convection ceramic space heater, the Blaux Heater uses ceramic plates and electricity to heat the surrounding air. The heater runs electricity through metal coils attached to ceramic plates within the unit. These ceramic plates absorb the heat from the coils, warming up the surrounding air. This is how all convection ceramic space heaters work, and it’s the same technology used in most space heaters.

What makes the Blaux Heater different, however, is its antimicrobial filter. Most space heaters have no filtration whatsoever. The Blaux Heater passes air through an antimicrobial filter, killing bacteria and odors in the air.

Blaux Heater Features & Benefits


Blaux advertises all of the following features and benefits with its space heater:

Convection Ceramic Heating: Like other space heaters, the Blaux Heater uses convection ceramic heating to warm the air. Using this technology, the Blaux Heater can effectively convert electricity into warmth.

Targeted, Personalized Heating: The Blaux Heater works best for personalized heating in smaller spaces – like a bedroom or office. It’s not large enough to heat an entire floor or a larger space, and it’s not designed to do that.

Antimicrobial Filter: Blaux Heater has an antimicrobial filter that kills bacteria and odors. All air passes through this filter before being warmed, which means you breathe in warmer, odor-free air. These easy to change and replace ZPT antibacterial filters are one of the exceptional enhancements the Blaux HeatCore offers the personal heating space.

Energy-Efficient System: Blaux emphasizes energy efficiency. The ceramic heating technology uses less power than other heating solutions, making the Blaux Heater an effective and affordable option all winter long.

Stylish Design: The Blaux Heater has a surprisingly stylish design. While other space heaters are bulky and awkward, the Blaux Heater looks smooth, sleek, and modern. There is almost no home decor not suitable that the Blaux HeatCore unit won't blend in with naturally.

Timer Settings: Blaux HeatCore is equip with three standard timing options to choose from. Whether wanting to turn on and let the device run for one, two or three hours, the Blaux Heater can also run indefinitely until turned off by hitting power button strategically placed on the back of the unit to avoid young children bumping or activating it by accident.

Powerful Air Flow: The Blaux HeatCore Heater offers three settings available for personal preference of how you want your heated air delivered. With the standard high powered air blowing fan using 1,200 watts and the low power consuming only 700 watts, the Blaux Personal Heater also lets users select the fan-only mode to get a nice windy breeze without the heat if desired.

Smart Safety Settings: Designed with built to last high quality materials, the topple protection design has an anti-tip feature made right into it. The gravity kill switch enables the device to turn off automatically if it falls over to avoid any fire hazard or risk. It is also cool to the touch with no exposed heating coils or elements, making it safe for young kids and pets to be around and avoid getting burned.

Easy, Press, and Go Functionality: The Blaux Heater is ridiculously easy to use. Just set it up on any desk or floor, plug the cord into any ordinary electrical outlet, then press the buttons to run the heater. The Blaux Heater works straight out of the box with no tools or complicated setup required.

How to Use the Blaux Heater

The Blaux Heater is straightforward to use. Here’s the step-by-step guide to running the heater in your home:

how blaux heater works

  • Step 1) Take the Blaux Heater out of the box and plug the cord into any ordinary electrical outlet.
  • Step 2) Place the Blaux Heater on a surface, desk, table, or non-carpeted floor.
  • Step 3) Press the Power button on the top of the device to start the heater.
  • Step 4) Customize heating by selecting fan speed (high or low) and heating duration (1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours).

If you don’t select a time period, then the Blaux Heater will run continuously until you turn it off.

blaux heater uses

And, like most space heaters, the Blaux Heater has a tip-over warning. If the heater is bumped or knocked over during use, the unit automatically shuts off to reduce a fire's risk. The Blaux Heater also has an anti-tip design, including a wide base, to minimize the risk of accidents as much as possible.

Blaux Heater Pricing

The Blaux Heater is exclusively available through, where it’s priced at a very reasonable cost of $90 per unit. However, you can get a bulk discount by ordering 2, 3, or 4 Blaux Heaters per order, which drops the price-per-unit as low as $62.

Here’s how much you pay for the Blaux Heater at

blaux heater price

  • 1 Heater: $89.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 Heaters: $179.98 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Heaters: $202.48 + $10.95 Shipping
  • 4 Heaters: $247.47 + $11.95 Shipping

The bulk buy option makes the Blaux HeatCore one of the most advantageous offers for a high quality personal space heater on the market this year. Ideal for multiple rooms or close family members, neighbors, friends or even co-workers looking for a useful gift idea, the three and four packaged offers make the Blaux HeatCore extremely affordable and even thoughtful to gift as a present this holiday cycle. During the checkout process when buying the Blaux Heater, there will also be an offer for getting a ‘protect my order' option where any internal component damage, replacement, loss or theft will be covered to get a brand new replacement unit for absolutely free with the lifetime warranty intact.

Customers will also be able to add on the easy to change Blaux Heater replacement filters that keeps air fresh and clean by removing airborne particulates and harmful irritants. Not only will the ZPT antimicrobial filters have the air smelling fresh and pure of preventing bacteria growth in the Blaux HeatCore heater, but it also catches hair and dust from recirculating around the room. Not to mention these changeable fresh filters with antibacterial properties will produce warmer, more vibrant airflow if used frequently.

Blaux Heater Refund Policy

Blaux has an unusually strict refund policy. As far as we can tell, Blaux does not offer refunds on any opened or used heaters. In fact, the refund policy seems to be void as soon as you take the Blaux Heater out of the box.

Here’s how the company explains its refund policy on the official website:

Assuming you return your purchase within 30 days from receipt, to be eligible for a return:

  • 1.Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn, and its original packaging.
  • 2.Product packaging must be intact and returned to us in an appropriate shipping container.
  • 3.Product must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

If you have not opened or used your Blaux Heater, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. The responsive customer service support staff at Blaux is very open to fielding customer's questions, actively maintaining social media channels that allow users to get direct feedback along with the email address and phone number for Blaux Heater listed below.

About Blaux

Blaux is a top notch consumer brand that cuts out the middle man and goes directly to the customer for cost effective products. With a specialty and sincere focus in personal heating and cooling units, the Blaux family of portable air conditioners and personal space heaters are at the top of everyone's wish list. They first appeared online earlier in 2020 with a range of personal cooling products and small air conditioners. As we move towards colder months, Blaux has now looked to be a true pioneer and innovator by pivoting into offering personal heaters.

official blaux company logo

There’s sufficient amounts of information online about where Blaux is based and how the company distributes the heaters. You can contact Blaux customer service team directly via phone or email:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 844-846-5344

The Blaux HeatCore Personal Heater is one of many products including the Blaux Bidet, Blaux Portable AC (Gen 2, Classic AC, Desktop AC), Blaux Wearable AC units and the Blaux In-Home Air Purifier.

Blaux Heater Complaints & Blaux HeatCore Scam Risks

Blaux-Heater risks

The Blaux HeatCore Heater is one of the most popular personal heaters in the world right now. And with the inevitably of shady characters entering the fray and cheap knockoff products galore, it is quite easy to get conned and duped into buying a fake Blaux Heater online. Thankfully you are here, studying up on the best ways to avoid a Blaux Heater scam when purchasing the Blaux HeatCore unit.

There are three important distinctions to make upfront that will make the ordering process much smoother to handle and easier to manage. The first and easiest to do is simply buy the Blaux Heater from the official Blaux Heater website at Not only will this authentic the purchase of the personal space heater directly from Blaux, but it will also ensure customer protection in the name of the rock-solid money back guarantee and return policy outlined above. While it may be tempting, there is no company-validated Blaux Heater Amazon listing as any Blaux HeatCore marketplace product should be avoided at all costs and considered a fraudulent imitation version of the real Blaux personal heating unit.

The next negative complaint about the Blaux HeatCore Heater for warming up your personal spaces is the high expectations of this being a massively powerful heating unit. It's strictly meant for direct, targeted, immediate environment use that gives customers instant warmth and rapid relief from the cold weather conditions brought about by the winter temperatures in smaller, more closed areas. The expectations hurt expression fits well here, as it is easy to get blown away by all of the advanced features and technological breakthroughs the Blaux Heater has to offer. However, knowing what you are getting upfront is an important caveat to user sanctification as this dual-purpose, multi-functional personal space heater from Blaux is suitable to work on any flat surface to warm your hands, feet and whole body in the bedroom, office, bathroom, basement or anywhere required given its portable plug in play nature.

The last big caveat that has caused quite a bit of consumer chaos and customer confusion is in regards to the slower than anticipated shipping turn around times. One downside to be aware of upfront is the fact that the Blaux HeatCore shipping is on a first order, first receive basis. Meaning, those who order today will start to receive their Blaux Heaters in the mail faster than those who do it tomorrow. On our official Blaux Heater customer receipt after buying a Blaux HeatCore unit, it gives a big window of when we might expect to get the personal heater in the mail. Unfortunately, this information is not revealed until the order was already made. To make this Blaux Heater review complete, we felt obligated to report all of the facts about the negative complaints circulating online. While this appears to be a sliding scale given the demand and when the order is originally placed, we should only have to wait at least two weeks to get the Blaux HeatCore shipped to us. They did clarify that all orders will be delivered before Christmas, which does seem like an awfully big window given to fulfill these trendy new space heaters.

Final Word

The Blaux Heater is a personal space heater promoted as the “ultimate chill killer.” The Blaux HeatCore heater warms the air in your personal space, helping you stay warm all winter long on top of purifying and cleansing the surrounding area using ZPT anti-microbial filters.

Priced at $90 per unit, the Blaux Heater is exclusively available through The heater features a stylish design, multiple safety features, and an air purification system – all packaged into an energy-efficient convection ceramic heating system. After researching all of the known features and functional benefits, actually buying the Blaux Heatcore device and reviewing all of the Blaux Heater facts, the truth about the Blaux HeatCore unit becomes very clear on whether or not this is the right personal heating solution to utilize this winter.

The intuitively designed, smart and sexy appeal of a trending energy-efficient ceramic heater technology hot off the press is hard to ignore. The 2 in 1 Blaux Heater fan is not only compact and quiet, but powerful and effective at warming up your personal living space to your desired temperatures in a relatively short period of time. The advanced safety features make this family friendly heater worthy of a strong consideration to have in the coldest corners of your home. With its antimicrobial filter, topple protection safety measures and timing functions, not to mention the ability to buy multiple devices and save big, the Blaux HeatCore is a solid green buy given all of the facts, figures and features available.

To learn more about the Blaux Heater benefits and how the Blaux HeatCore works, visit online today at to make sure and cash-in on the hottest personal space heater in the world while saving big with an introductory pricing option of 50% off regular costs while supplies last. Remember, it is a first come first serve basis, so ordering now ensures customers will receive their Blaux HeatCore unit in the fastest turnaround times possible. Please leave a comment below regarding any suggestions, concerns or revelations missed about the Blaux HeatCore Heater today. We will be also sure to update this consumer-centric Blaux Heater review with any of the latest findings regarding the new Blaux HeatCore.

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