New BioHarmony Complex Plus by Science Natural Supplements Launches

The latest Science Natural Supplements product launch is BioHarmony Complex Plus, a weight loss wellness formula from Dr. Zane Sterling meant to activate the BioHarmony Switch to trigger fat burning benefits in the body.

There are literally thousands and thousands of fat burning weight loss supplements on the market today. But, a new product entered the industry from a reputable company that claims to “switch” the body from storing fat to burning fat. The company, Science Natural Supplements, and the supplement, BioHarmony Complex Plus, are designed by Dr. Zane Sterling to enhance the body's thyroid and hormonal product to lose weight naturally.

Ever stopped to wonder what might have caused your sudden weight gain, especially given that you are typically on top of your game nutrition-wise and physically? A possible causation to consider is one between weight gain and thyroid hormones.

In particular, it has been found that a sudden gain in weight has been correlated with low levels of the thyroid hormone. This is a concern because the latter’s role entails boosting one’s metabolism. This is where the concept of the “BioHarmony Switch” was formed.

Conceptualized by Dr. Sterling, the idea is to find a way to control a group of hormones called glucocorticoids. Increased glucocorticoids imply increased production of fat cells. Can we just simply shutdown the release of glucocorticoids? With the BioHarmony Switch, a specific stress hormone called cortisol is targeted as it is the root cause of glucocorticoids release. In doing so, the thyroid hormone can finally do what it is tasked to do, and consumers are expected to lose weight.

What should consumers do in order to control cortisol hormones in the body? This is where the BioHarmony Complex Plus comes into play. As per the claims made, it contains select ingredients known to better thyroid function.

What is the BioHarmony Complex Plus?

Created by Science Natural Supplements, the BioHarmony Complex Plus is a dietary supplement designed to help with weight loss goals. The process entails targeting a hormone in the body called cortisol using “burning-nutrients” retrieved from plant-based ingredients (for the most part).

What ingredients went into making the BioHarmony Complex Plus?

In order to fully understand how weight loss can be attained, consumers need to have a sense of what went into the formula.


Rhodiola is an ingredient commonly used in Asian medicine. As per the claims made it contains a phytochemical known as salidroside, which is key in reducing the discharge of cortisol. Additionally, this ingredient has been associated with a boost in energy levels.


Found naturally in the body, its supplement-version is used for a number of reasons including athletic performance, healing wounds, attaining restful sleep, etc. However, when it comes to its role in the BioHarmony Complex Plus, it has been found that its presence reduces the overall ratio of cortisol and DHEA hormones.


Like L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid known to produce energy. When it comes to how cortisol levels differ in the presence of this amino acid, many studies have found that they’ve actually decreased on average and improved cognitive performances.


Also referred to as the Holy Basil, Astragalus is a type of adaptogen that works by helping the body recover from chronic stress. This in turn results in a balance in cortisol levels. Hence, allowing consumers to potentially benefit from a boost in stamina and their immune system.

African Mango Extract

Compared to the aforementioned ingredients, the role of the African Mango Extract slightly varies. To be more specific, it targets weight loss by reducing LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. It also works like a hunger suppressant, thus possibly encouraging portion control.

Other similar components that target cortisol levels include L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Niacin and Pygeum.

How should consumers ingest BioHarmony?

Given that the BioHarmony Complex Plus is oil-based, consumers have been advised to take a few drops orally per day. While the exact serving size is unclear, it is recommended that a small quantity be consumed. This will permit one to assess the right quantity for their weight loss goals and one’s overall tolerance to such a solution.

How much does the BioHarmony Complex Cost?

For one month’s worth of supply (2fl.oz), the current going price is approximately $49. Other bulk-purchase options include: three- and six-months’ worth of supply $39/month and $29/month each respectively.

Are there any side effects to bear in mind?

Based on the existing findings, ingredients like Rhodiola, Astragalus, Holy Basil and African Mango are considered fairly safe for adults, but they might produce little to mild side effects. Given that the body will need time to adjust to the BioHarmony Complex Plus, one can expect to experience headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, and drowsiness. For those who are pregnant and nursing, it is best to refrain from its uses, unless a health professional gives approval.

Besides side effects, consumers should be patient with how the BioHarmony Complex Plus interacts with the body, as each individual is unique.

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