Health Radar’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healing: Heal the Body Without Medication

  • Health Radar’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healing is a book written by New York Times best-selling author Nick J. Tate, and published in December of 2017 describes solutions to many of the common health conditions that consumers face today.
  • The Health Radar is starting up a 2020 book club review, the first one is fitting being Health Radar’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

What is Health Radar’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healing?

The Health Radar’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healing: Health Breakthroughs to Prevent and Treat Today's Most Common Conditions book is all about naturally helping people and families stay healthy, live better and longer via direct strategies to use for a lifestyle full of wellness. 

Health Radar's website also includes a monthly newsletter that helps consumers to learn about many different health topics, including weight loss, cancer, and memory loss as well as many chronic and acute conditions. The content from this website is made up of medical studies and professional opinions and advice, helping the public to understand their own health in a more effective way.

With the publishing of the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, consumers are able to get much of this information at their fingertips. Written by best-selling author Nick J. Tate, who lives in Boca Raton, FL, filled the book with various tips and tricks that are meant to help consumers as a self-help guide outside of a doctor’s office (when possible). As a Harvard-educated author, award-winning journalist and editor, Nick has been featured in prominent online publications like Newsmax Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, Boston Herald and Health Radar Newsletter.  Additionally, consumers will learn about the best ways to improve their health to reduce medical costs.

With this guide, consumers will learn what it takes to help spot potentially harmful and unnecessary remedies and dangerous procedures. While the world of traditional medicine continues to progress, there are some remedies that have been tested and confirmed for centuries that can help. There is no need to continue a lifestyle that is making the you sick, weak and stressed. Instead, consumers can use the resources in the book by Health Radar as a way to improve their health.

Much of the natural healing book centers around educating consumers on various medical conditions, allowing them to make educated decisions to improve their lifestyle which would allow for an improved quality of life. While there are mixed reactions on Amazon of the book, customers primarily have found the information to be useful for their needs from the Emory University in Atlanta health journalism teacher. The Amazon book description says:

Health Radar is chock-full of valuable information about a variety of topics: tips on how to lose weight and keep it off; articles covering significant, common issues such as cancer, memory loss, depression and allergies; and education on less commonly known medical issues. Unlike more commercial “health” magazines, the well-researched content in Health Radar comes from medical studies, experts and professionals focused on giving you practical advice on how to improve your health. Health Radar helps you better understand your body and how its inner processes work. When you understand how your body works and why it works like it does, you will be better prepared and equipped to keep your body and your mind healthy.

Part 1: New Frontiers of Medicine

Chapter 1: Immunotherapy
Chapter 2: Genetics
Chapter 3: Stem Cells
Chapter 4: Mental Health
Chapter 5: Food as Medicine
Chapter 6: The Exercise Cure
Chapter 7: Natural Remedies
Chapter 8: Hidden Toxins
Chapter 9: Life Stages Guidelines
Chapter 10: Off-the-Grid Health Care

Part 2: Disease Directory

Over 20 different dis-eases talked about in-depth on how to overcome and help each individual condition.

Purchasing the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Health Radar's Encyclopedia of Natural Healing book is available on Amazon in the form of either a paperback book for $26.31 or as a Kindle e-book for $24.83.


Health Radar’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healing is helpful for consumers that want to promote a healthy lifestyle to correct the damage that various health conditions can cause. Even though there are plenty of tips in this guide, it is not a substitute for medical attention when it is necessary. Still, having this information available within the pages of a well-organized book can improve the user’s ability to make well-informed decisions about their body.

For the record and one reason we wanted to put this information out there for all to see is that Nick's book is not affiliated with TheHealthRadar but we wanted to write a review to bring attention to a good read and cause despite not being under the same umbrella as our 2020 mission and vision of putting wellness on the map. As 2020 begins and picks up momentum, be on the look out for The Health Radar's book club where we recommend the best reads, new and old, to gain the most knowledge and insight from experts who are walking the walk of natural health and wellness.

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