New Fearless Keto Cookie Bites Launch from Mother-Daughter Duo as Low Carb Snack

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A quick look at the new Fearless Keto product announcement where the nutrition company shared their latest ketogenic diet snack, Keto Cookie Bites.

This week news broke about the mother-daughter duo behind Fearless Keto and their official launch of new product called Keto Cookie Bites. As obviously hinted in the name, this treat has been specifically designed for those who are on track with their keto diets as the new Fearless Keto Cookie Bites are a low-carb powder snack for ketogenic diet plan followers.

As for the nutritional aspects of the treats, which are gluten-free, every serving is said to contain a net carb of one gram, followed by three to four grams of protein and a rich source of omega-3 derived from walnut and almond flours. Some of the benefits that are likely to rise from consuming the Keto Cookie Bites include improved heart health, stabilized blood sugar levels and cognitive health, all of which have been associated with the consumption of walnuts.

For the time being, three flavors are being offered including Chocolate Chip, Maple Butter and Choco Fudge. This list will eventually grow, and consumers are encouraged to vote on their flavors of choice and what they hope to see in the future at: @fearlessketo.

Here’s what the duo had to share regarding their new efforts:

“Our primary goal in creating these cookie bites was to transform the ordinary mini-cookie into a no-sugar, low carb, satiating power snack with just the right amount of healthy fat, nut flour and whey protein to trigger the brain’s “hunger control” center.”

On the Fearless Keto website, the story behind Mary and Lauren Paley alludes to how the family began their ketogenic diet journey's of following the low-carb high-fat diet. The believed the partnership between the mom and daughter was a great balance between knowledge and implementation. The mom of the pair, Mary, has been a dietitian for over 40 years and has a decorated history by obtaining her Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from The MGH Institute of Health Professions. Lauren, the daughter, began following the keto diet and experienced real weight loss and felt the need to share her results and success with others who follow the low carb lifestyle plan.

To find out more about what each Keto Cookie Bite entails, click here.

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