New Glucose Factor Supplement Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Science Natural Supplements announces the release of a new blood sugar supplement called Glucose Factor that helps people fight in the battle of the ongoing Diabetes War plaguing millions of people around the world.

How to Stop Being a Part of the Diabetes War?

The new Science Natural Supplements Glucose Factor is a wellness product that helps consumers control their glucose levels with supporting ingredients formulated by Dr. Zane Sterling. Those interested can visit the official website to check out all of the details about Glucose Factor.

What is Glucose Factor?

Diabetes is a major problem for many Americans, keeping their body from getting the necessary balance of blood sugars, leading to substantially greater issues. While there is more than one type of diabetes, consumers will find that their diet can influence the severity significantly. There are many consumers that have regimens with their doctor to balance their blood sugar, though the creators of Glucose Factor offer their own solution.

  • science natural supplements glucose factor Glucose Factor is meant to:
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Balance healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Fight inflammation
  • Promote healthy blood pressure

The creators behind this regimen urge consumers to think of themselves as being a “pawn in the diabetes war,” encouraging them to focus on regaining control of their blood sugar levels. Much of the blame is place on Big Pharma for putting consumers in this position, as they have stated that changing the diet and increasing exercise are the keys to solving diabetes. However, this statement leaves the blame on the patients, forcing them to need the prescription they are given. In fact, over 80 million Americans had prescriptions for Metformin by 2016, accounting for a fourth of the population.

This reliance on prescriptions isn’t helping, as the creators suggest. In fact, the only effect that these medications seem to have is the treatment of the condition, rather than the cure for it. Plus, consumers that load up on medications can have a multitude of side effects, like physical weakness, diarrhea, fatigue, or worse. The creators of Glucose Factor center their formula around helping their patients to live better lives.

How It Works

“Metabolic Syndrome” appears to be the main focus on this formula, which is presented as unstable blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high LDL cholesterol, and excess belly fat around the waist. These conditions collectively put the individual at risk for Type II diabetes, and “zombie cells” (cells that die but do not leave the body) tend to make this circumstance worse.

The formula in Glucose Factor aims to eradicate these cells with the following ingredients:

  • Cassia cinnamon
  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • Bitter melon
  • Banaba leaf
  • Cassia cinnamon removes environmental toxins in the body to promote a faster and more well-balanced metabolism.
  • Gymnema sylvestre, known as “gurmar” (“sugar destroyer” in Hindi), is meant to help the body lose weight and reduce the user’s body mass index.
  • Bitter melon helps the body to convert glucose into energy effectively, while promoting weight loss for a smaller waistline.
  • Banaba leaf contains corosolic acid, which has been shown to have a positive effect in reducing the blood sugar levels within just 60 minutes of eating.

The formula also includes a group of ingredients that are meant to help eliminate toxins and “zombie cells,” which include vitamin C, vitamin E, white mulberry leaf powder, zinc oxide, and alpha lipoic acid. Each of these ingredients are known antioxidants.

According to the website, the solution to eliminating imbalance in the blood sugar only takes about 27 seconds daily, and it has been proven through multiple clinical trials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glucose Factor

Here are the answers to some of the questions that consumers frequently ask about the use of Glucose Factor.

Q: What does Glucose Factor do?

A: Glucose Factor erases the “dead” cells and allows new and healthy cells to flourish, allowing the blood sugar to effectively balance. In doing so, it promotes healthy blood sugar levels, supports healthy blood pressure, keeps healthy cholesterol at safe levels, and fights inflammation.

Q: How should Glucose Factor be taken?

A: Only one capsule, taken twice a day, is required to get the desired effects. The company recommends consuming each dosage about 20 to 30 minutes before they have a meal.

Q: Should Glucose Factor be combined with prescription medications?

A: Anyone who presently takes a medication at the recommendation of their doctor may want to speak with them before taking this formula.

Q: How long should users continue to take Glucose Factor?

A: The website recommends at least 30 days of use to properly impact the body.

All other questions can go through the customer service team, which can be reached by either calling 800-305-1445 or sending an email to

Purchasing Glucose Factor

While the presentation delivered by the creator is free to watch, the regimen has a price. The only place that Glucose Factor is found is on the official website, which offers several packages to accommodate users. Each bottle offers a month of treatment, so consumers can choose from the following formulas:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $59 each
  • Six bottles for $49 each

Even with the information and benefits available online, consumers may find that this product doesn’t truly meet their needs. If that’s the case, then there’s a 180-day money-back guarantee.


Glucose Factor is for any consumer that wants to create a better environment in the body for blood sugar balance. The formula isn’t meant to necessarily replace whatever regimen that consumers have in place with their doctor, but it can help the body to adequately support certain levels in it. For consumers that believe themselves to be at risk for diabetes, speak with a medical professional.

Visit the official Glucose Factor website at to conduct more research and try the natural blood sugar regulating product today.

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