GNC Mad Pony Energy Drink Product Launches with NeuroFactor


TheHealthRadar is putting a spotlight on every new worthy product announcement in 2020 and the GNC Mad Pony Energy drink is one of the featured beverages launching this week.

That's right, global retailer and popular wellness company GNC Holdings, Inc. is releasing a new beverage product, called Mad Pony Energy that claims to have scientific horsepower to give anyone a cognitive kick in the brain.

The newly released beverage, which features a nature-based extract called NeuroFactor (made by VDF FutureCeuticals) made from whole coffee fruit, will be available exclusively through the brand’s website and in its stores. In addition to the nature-based extract from the Coffea arabica plant, the product will also include 200mg of caffeine and none of those pesky, often harmful and hidden sugars. The amount of caffeine provides users with an energy boost that may be able to keep them going through the day. Here is a ‘buck wild' video GNC shared about the new Mad Pony energy drink:

Ryan Ostrom, the Chief Brand Officer of GNC Holdings, Inc. stated this about the ‘Get Mad. Buck Hard.' GNC Mad Pony Energy drink:

“I couldn’t be more excited to let MAD PONY™ out of the stable […] We harnessed an opportunity to use our expertise in nutritional science, and an established supply chain of quality ingredient sources, to create a superior energy drink that we can stand behind. GNC MAD PONY is a fun new brand that encourages people to live well and embrace who they are, and not follow someone else’s rules. We like to call it, living the “Get Mad. Buck Hard.” lifestyle – go wild, be eccentric and be proud.”

While the NeuroFactor ingredient is the star of the show for the Mad Pony energy drink, a few of the other components include:

  • 200mg of all-natural caffeine
  • only 10 calories and 0G of sugar
  • Taurine
  • Vitamins and minerals such as B6 and B12
  • CoQ10
  • GABA

NeuroFactor, which continues a unique polyphenol profile, has been shown to help activate the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) clinically to provide natural support for brain health including memory, learning and higher thinking benefits.

The vitamins may produce extra energy, as well as providing towards your heart and mental health, neuro factors could have a positive impact on brain health also. As for GABA, it is a naturally-occurring amino acids that may improve brain function. The beverage is also sugar free and comes in several flavors, such as Cherry Berry, Orange Mango, and Watermelon. The can comes in 16 ounces, which retails for $2.49. Individuals can also purchase a pack of the beverages for $25.99.

On the official website, a few consumers asked whether or not the new energy drink would cause your heart to race and if someone with type 2 diabetes could drink it – and the answers were basically blanket responses saying everyone reacts differently to caffeine and that it has no sugar (uses sucralose) but anyone dealing with these health conditions should consult with licensed professional to ensure it is safe to use. The company also started the #BuckHardChallenge to inspire the release. For those who are looking for a new healthy product that's a unique, fun, and fruity energy-packed beverage may want to consider GNC’s new Mad Pony Energy.

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