Tom Brady’s TB12 Sports Performance Brand Acquires VitalFit Plant-Based Recovery Line

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TB12 sports performance lifestyle brand, headed by future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, acquires VitalFit nutrition company in a bid to boost its human recovery product line for athletes and active men and women.

VitalFit is a global supplement company that focuses on personalized wellness and nutrition for empowering athletes via improved longevity and injury prevention by boosting peak performance levels. According to a recent press release, it has been acquired by TB12, a performance and lifestyle brand co-founded by Tom Brady (New England Patriots 3-time NFL MVP and 6-time Super Bowl champion quarterback) and Alex Guerrero. The acquisition will allow the companies to jointly explore innovative products to provide men and women with better performance and recovery formulas.

The press release further indicates that the acquisition is “strategic” and supports TB12’s mission to transform the global health and wellness industry providing individuals with the power that active men and women need such as hydration, nutrition, muscle pliability work, cognitive fitness and of course functional strength & conditioning.  John Burns, the CEO of TB12, stated in the release,

“We're excited to welcome VitalFit to the TB12 family. VitalFit is an innovative brand that's disrupted the product development process in the nutritional supplements industry, providing exceptional high-quality and efficacious products” […] “Our goal is to continue to identify key acquisitions like VitalFit that expand our product and service offerings so we can stay at the forefront of human performance and recovery.”

Several of VitalFit’s best-selling plant-based recovery products are not available at TB12 Performance and Recovery Centers located in Boston and Foxboro, and the brand’s website. These products include Tart Cherry, Rested, and RedRoot.

Here are the qualities associated with these formulas:

  • The Tart Cherry formula is meant to reduce the impact of inflammation, as tart cherry may be able to counter inflammation, free radical damage, and oxidative stress. Tart Cherry retails for $45.
  • The Rested formula is a combination of melatonin present in tart cherries and 72 trace minerals that are derived from marine magnesium. These elements may promote a better sleep cycle and restorative sleep. The Rested formula retails for $35.
  • The RedRoot formula is a blend of red violet beets and raw red spinach that could help improve energy levels, endurance, and combat muscle fatigue. The RedRoot retails for $40.

Along with the VitalFit acquisition by performance lifestyle brand TB12, co-founders Cameron Fischer and Alfred Schofield will be part of the product innovation team moving forward. Alfred and Cameron both added comments respectively:

“TB12 was a brand we looked up to and aspired to be like as we were developing VitalFit,” – “we couldn't be prouder to be joining forces with the TB12 team to help grow VitalFit and further enhance our mission of helping the body restore itself and function at its highest performance level.”

These products are available on the TB12 website.

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