Deborah Murtagh Metabolic Switch: New 21-Day System Launches

Deborah Murtagh's Metabolic Switch program is a comprehensive dieting and weight loss regimen complete with meal plans, restrictions, and recommendations to help participants achieve their weight loss goals.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the most common weight loss methods employed among adults include exercising, eating less, and consuming more fruits, vegetables, and greens. While these are certainly all outstanding methods for weight loss, consumers should not underestimate the value of a specific, vetted weight loss programs.

Organized weight loss programs can provide users with guidance, direction, and support that personal plans simply might not provide. But users should exercise caution, too. Not all weight loss plans are created equal; some are ineffective, and others can be downright dangerous to some newbies.

Deborah Murtagh's Ketogenic Switch diet made waves in the weight loss community, helping to expand the power of the keto diet to more consumers than ever before. Now, Murtagh has another weight loss program turning heads in the growing wellness industry, Deborah Murtagh Metabolic Switch. This review will outline and explore the basic tenants and facts behind this exciting new weight loss regimen.

About Deborah Murtagh's Metabolic Switch

Also known as Deborah Murtagh’s ‘Proven 21-Day System‘, this program was developed to provide clear direction for users by eliminating most sugars, starches, and ultra-processed carbohydrates from their diets. Without these substances, the body does not have glucose for energy and begins to burn fat instead. In turn, the body may start to burn enough fat for users to experience weight loss. To provide participants with maximum direction and guidance, the program includes several components that make the plan easier to digest and implement daily.

The 21-Day System

The program is a 21-day system divided into three phases. These phases are:

Week 1: The Metabolic Switch

The first week involves activating the metabolic switch. During this phase, the body will start to burn existing fat for energy. According to the program’s webpage, the benefits of the metabolic shift “are incredible.” These benefits include lowered risk of chronic diseases and illnesses, as well as potential reversal of existing chronic illness. Users can expect improved mental clarity, potential weight loss, energy increase, and better sleep following the metabolic switch.

Week 2: Fat Release

The second week involves a phase where the body starts to burn older stored fat throughout the body that generally accumulates close to vital organs. The most noticeable fat loss the user will see is typically in the thighs, stomach, and waist. According to the Deborah Murtagh’s Metabolic Switch webpage, this phase is where users begin to realize that they have been “freed of the burden of unsatisfied hunger and living from meal to meal.”

Week 3: The Butterfly Phase

The third week is the butterfly phase. The user will continue to lose weight and see visible changes to the skin. During this third phase of the 21 Day Switch, users often notice a slimmer figure, higher self-confidence levels, and higher general satisfaction with their appearance. Consumers may begin to see entire inches disappear from their waistlines during this final stage.

Consumers should keep in mind that like most programs, every person responds differently. Results will vary based on a number of largely unpredictable personal factors. Although there are stated benefits listed on the program's official website, success is never guaranteed on any weight loss regimen.

Bonus Materials

In addition to the basic materials that walk users through the core elements of the 21-day system, users who purchase the program also have access to a bonus resource, the Ketoform Cookbook + 21 Video Recipes.

The Ketoform Cookbook + 21 Video Recipes

The Ketoform Cookbook + 21 Video Recipes is a nifty repertoire that guides users on what to make and consume during the course of their diet. The content comes in the form of an e-book for easy access. The recipes may be fulfilling, delicious, and enjoyable and all 21 are sourced from the Whole Foods Cooking School.

Per the Deborah Murtagh Metabolic Switch 21-Day-System, the program is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and adjustment for these dietary restrictions are simple and straight-forward. The variations are covered in the food plan, so vegan or vegetarian users can make the changes easily and quickly. In addition, all of the recipes are gluten-free. Recipes with ingredients that are not gluten-free include a gluten-free alternative item on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deborah Murtagh’s Metabolic Switch

Q. Is this program compatible with exercise?

A. The program is compatible with exercise. According to the product webpage, if you are already fit and are familiar with exercise, you can continue working out at the same level. However, the program also points out that you may experience a temporary reduction in stamina until your body becomes “fat adapted.”

Q: Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes. This company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee symbol applies for 30 days after the initial purchase. If users fail to see results from the program, they can email customer service for more refund details. Full guarantee details are available in the Terms of Use page, which can be found here.

Q: Are supplement purchases necessary for this program?

A: No! The only outside costs associated with this program come from the materials necessary to make meals that conform to its guidelines.

Q: Are there any long-term commitments or contracts required?

A: No. Just one simple payment secures users access to the entire program, and there are no hidden fees or contracts.

Q: Will this program work for vegetarians and vegans?

A: With a few simple variations, the program is easily adaptable to the vegetarian or vegan diets. The program includes several meals specifically designed for vegan or vegetarian diets.

Q: Is the program gluten-free?

A: All of the recipes are gluten free, and the ones that aren't list alternative ingredients to make the dish gluten-free.

Purchasing Deborah Murtagh's Metabolic Switch Program

The Deborah Murtagh’s Metabolic Switch program is available for the purchase price of $37.00 on the official website, with immediate access to the program materials once payment is made.

To contact customer support for questions or concerns, email

Final Thoughts

Overall, those who are looking for guidance, support, and a weight loss program to better their health should consider using Deborah Murtagh’s Metabolic Switch. The 21-Day-Switch is designed to help the consumer lose unwanted inches and pounds over a period of 21 days and three stages using an easy-to-follow meal plan designed for weight loss. To learn more about this program and to place an order, visit the program’s official website.

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