The Disciple’s Way Metabolic Master Switch System Launches by Kristina Wilds

The Disciples Way by Kristina Wilds is a new healing fats weight loss diet system that helps activate your Metabolic Master Switch using God's Nutritional Codes and God's Food Pyramid.

Metabolism Master Switch is a healing fats diet program that helps consumers to take control of the fat cells in their body and lose weight using God's Food Pyramid. The Disciples Way program is written by a well known health researcher, Kristina Wilds, who put together God's Nutritional Code as a way for consumers to use healing fats for weight loss.

Those interested can visit the official website to find out more about The Metabolic Master Switch System, God's Food Pyramid and God's Nutrtional Code.

What is The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch?

Reaching a healthy weight, whether it is a journey back to the right weight or the attempt to meet this goal for the first time ever, is hard. There are many factors that play a major role, but the metabolism can have more of an impact than what consumers expect. The majority of people are unaware of the way that metabolism can make a difference.

The Metabolic Master Switch System is The Disciples Way plan to whole body health and discusses the way that consumers can trigger the right speed for their metabolism to lose weight. According to author Kristina Wilds, this regimen is much different from the Atkins diet or and similar fad diet programs, as it doesn’t just focus on low carb. Instead, consumers have to follow a diet plan that is high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates, much in the same way that the keto diet helps consumers. With the right balance in the regimen, consumers can reduce their cravings for unhealthy foods, while keeping the user satisfied for longer.

Wilds is known as a health researcher and best-selling author who has already gathered 100,000 followers for her regimens. At 52 years old, Wilds is certified in Obesity, Nutrition, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse, and she offers her 20+ years of experience to help consumers that have struggled with their weight and its loss. The Metabolic Master Switch System was developed by Kristina Wilds and Dr. Josh Dex (who collaborated with Harvard Medical Doctor Josh Gleason) as a way to create a whole body healthy cells solution.

The key to The Disciples Way program is giving consumers the freedom to pick and choose the recipes that they like the most which is wildly different than most unsuccessful diet plans. There’s no requirements for any specific recipe, but consumers will need to make sure they only eat the types of foods they are instructed. Since this Metabolic Master Switch program caters to the taste profile of the user, anyone is bound to find something they like following God's Nutritional Code Food Pyramid put together by Kristina Wilds.

Additional Materials

The main part of this guide is the Metabolic Master Switch e-book. However, to help consumers have greater success with The Disciples Way regimen, the creators offer five additional guides and resources to promote weight loss.

The other materials include:

  • Grocery shopping lists to simplify their purchases
  • The Healthy Brain Manual
  • Celebrity Anti-Aging Weight Loss Secret
  • Anti-Anxiety Stress Elimination Guide
  • What Would Jesus Eat Grocery Field Guide

Though the only required guide to follow is the Metabolic Master Switch, consumers can use the other materials to amplify the weight loss effects.

Consumers will also have access to videos that detail the process of weight loss and preparing meals. As well as lifetime support and updates to the regimen. Both Kristina Wilds and Dr. Dex support The Disciples Way private Facebook group and interact with the community who are all sharing their success and results openly in the group.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metabolic Master Switch

Even though the website has a lot of information, here’s a few of the most common questions that consumers have about The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch System:

Q: Are fats bad for the body?

A: No. Despite all of the low-fat programs that have been touted through the years, there are both harmful fats and healthy fats. Healthy fats, like HDL, help the user to reduce their risk of heart disease. However, with unhealthy fats and oils, there is a chance of enduring harmful effects.

Q: Is the program easy to stick with?

A: Truthfully, every person has their days when they fall off the wagon. However, there’s a support program that helps consumers stick with their regimen, as well as helping consumers who have left it behind for a moment.

Q: Will the Metabolic Master Switch program work for everyone?

A: The creator of this program states that there’s been many people who have struggled to keep up with other strict regimens, but over 90% of them have seen success with Metabolic Master Switch that other programs haven’t offer.

Q: Is this eating plan gluten-free?

A: Since there are very few carbohydrates (if any) in this diet plan, consumers don’t have to worry about eating any kind of gluten.

Q: Is the Metabolic Master Switch regimen compatible with health conditions?

A: While this diet is easy for the average consumer to partake in, there are some adjustments. Women who are pregnant or nursing may want to speak with a healthy professional first. The same advice applies to individuals with kidney disease, type 1 diabetes, and other heart conditions.

Some consumers may want to learn more details before making an investment. The customer service team can be reached by email at

Purchasing The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch System

In order to gain access to The Disciples Way materials advertised, consumers can only make the purchase on the official website, which lists it for $37. The order will be delivered electronically, accessible immediately after payment is made. This access will be granted for the main God's Food Pyramid guide which features all of The Disciples Way God's Nutritional Code plan, as well as the other bonus materials included.

Since results can vary from person to person, anyone that doesn’t find what they need from the Metabolic Master Switch program can relinquish their access within a year of purchase with “no questions asked.”


Dr. Josh Dex and Kristina Wilds The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch featuring God's Food Pyramid caters to the food preferences of consumers, while still offering a balanced and healthy diet centered around healing fats. The God's Nutritional Code program is easy to follow along, primarily discussing the same principles as the ketogenic diet. While it is gluten free and completely safe for the average consumer, anyone that wants to embark on it with other health conditions may want to speak with a medical professional first.

In closing, a few years ago Kristina Wilds became one of the biggest innovators in the health and nutrition world with the release of her wildly successful The Shepherd's Diet program. Now, in 2020 The Disciples Way is the newest edition of this healing fats wellness plan and is all about using God's Food Pyramid as a nutritional code Bible towards activating your Metabolic Master Switch which will allow your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. The Disciples Way plan just launched in January 2020 and is already helped hundreds of people and is on its way to assisting thousands of Christians and health enthusiasts in the near future to lose weight, burn fat and feel great again.

For those interested in hearing directly from Kristina Wilds and her new The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch System, visit today.

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