Metabolic Master Switch System Launches by Dr. Josh Dex as a New Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Dex's Metabolic Master Switch System is a new weight loss solution designed to help people create healthy cells in the body by using the doctor's magic oil food recipes.

The Metabolic Master Switch System is a program designed by Dr. Josh Dex to help consumers effectively lose wight without adding any more exercise or calorie-counting to their regimen. The program can be viewed by anyone that subscribes to the program through the official website.

What is the Metabolic Master Switch System?

Getting in shape often requires a major commitment by the individual, and everyone’s path can differ. Reaching a healthy weight is more than just eating a good diet or getting exercise. Every single choice made has to be in the name of good health, but the process can feel overwhelming. Dr. Josh Dex recently took to the masses to explain the Metabolic Master Switch System.

The Metabolic Master Switch System claims that the metabolism continues to have troubles as a result of the aging body. The creator states that the body’s mitochondrial DNA is damaged with “leaky” cells, which causes the metabolism to shut down. While aging can shut this process down, the creator states that consuming a remedy that he calls “Feasting Oil” can reignite the metabolism for greater weight loss success. Most people don’t consume a high amount of this oil (along with other oils), as a result of research done about 40 years ago that suggested that the oils were bad for the body. Now, with new research, it seems that scientists now believe the opposite, which is what Dr. Dex focuses on.

The regimen allows consumers to learn more about the fat stored in their body and how it impact inflammation. However, the user will also learn about the ways to come out strong against challenges in this regimen, as well as how consumers can still eat some of their favorite foods, like cheesecake, bacon, and even chocolate mousse. The guide acts as a diet regimen with foods that hardly feel like diet foods.

While consumers can get a nutritionist or even a personal trainer, the cost is incredibly expensive, and every consumer just can’t afford that. However, the Metabolic Master Switch System doesn’t have this issue.

Purchasing the Metabolic Master Switch System

The total cost of the Metabolic Master Switch System is $37.00, and consumers will be able to access the content digitally as soon as the purchase goes through. There will be no physical copy available, though consumers can print out the materials.

Along with the purchase of this guide, consumers will also have access to some free content as well, including:

  • Sweet Tooth Cheat Sheet, with 50 dessert recipes that can be used in the regimen
  • Anti-Stress & Cravings Protocol, which helps to reduce cortisol levels with various techniques
  • Smart Carb-Lover’s Recipe Guide, showing consumers how to enjoy the right carbs while continuing weight loss
  • Quick and Simple Kitchen Hacks, teaching consumers how to save time and money in the kitchen
  • “Members only” group for support

In the event that these methods described do not adequately help consumers, they have up to __ days to return the product.

Contacting the Creators of the Metabolic Master Switch System

Even with the information in the video by Dr. Dex, there could be other questions before making a purchase. For consumers that want to know more, reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to


The Metabolic Master Switch System can be used by anyone that wants to lose weight, though it specifically is meant to help consumers who are older and struggle with weight loss as the result of slowed processes in the body. Details of what consumers can find on the actual recommendations is relatively limited, but the customer service team may be able to fill in the gaps before the user makes a purchase.

For more information on Dr. Josh Dex's Metabolic Master Switch system, make sure to visit to hear more about his healthy cell solution research and magic oil discovery.

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