New Posturally Desk Posture Challenge Launches as a 5 Video Masterclass

Posturally's Desk Posture Challenge will teach you how to eliminate pain while sitting and working at your desk. Learn the proper way to adjust your chair to avoid injury and create the best posture for your body. Find out how using your chair effectively can increase your productivity.

A workday could last anywhere between 5 and 8 hours (without considering overtime of course). According to a study conducted in 2012 [1], the average number of hours spent at the desk per day is 5 hours and 41 minutes, which implies that some people even spend their entire day sitting down. Unfortunately, a number of problems can stem from this including poor physical (i.e. posture) and mental health. In the case of mental health, this could be a matter of feeling extremely drained from being confined to one’s desk or experiencing stress due to weight gain.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn tips and tricks that address poor posture at the desk? Not to forget, ways to increase productivity without feeling drained all the time. This review will introduce Posturally and how consumers can potentially feel pain-free, productive, take part in sports, reduce the severity and frequency of headaches and even lose weight.

What is Posturally’s Desk Posture Challenge?

Posturally is a company that is on a mission to help consumers overcome pain without having to resort to the use of drugs or surgery. Relying solely on natural approaches, Posturally currently offers a masterclass called their Desk Posture Challenge, which has been designed for those looking to make any posture-focused jobs more comfortable.

Who is behind Posturally?

The founder behind Posturally is also the author of the book, “Inside Out Pain Relief: The Human Approach to Healing Your Body,” Anne Asher. Asher has been recognized as an expert within the field of holistic pain management and has been featured on a number of outlets including educational platform, Wiley, Code Naste, the American Council on Exercise and Additionally, she holds three certifications from the American Council on Exercise and has been a consumer reviewer for a not-for-profit organization called Cochrane Back Group throughout her career.

What does the Posturally Masterclass look like?

With Posturally’s 5-video masterclass, Desk Posture Challenge, consumers will acquire knowledge on how to work at a desk without experiencing pain, and the role adjusting one’s chair and other features play in proper posture and increased productivity levels. More specifically, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Foundations of Good Desk Posture and Seat Height Adjustment (21 minutes)
  • Adjust Your Seat (17 minutes)
  • The Backrest & Lumbar Supports (14 minutes)
  • Arm Rests (20 minutes)
  • Health @ the Desk (15 minutes)

To ensure motivation is consistent throughout each of the topics covered, Asher has also included an assignment with each lesson. Not only does this motivate one to keep going, but it also aids in retaining information and requesting clarifications where needed.

In addition to the aforementioned 5 topics, 3 bonuses will be offered as well including:

  • 5 Breathing Techniques to Help You Sail Through the Day
  • Posturally’s Recommended Sitting Positions for Office Workers
  • 10 Tips for Buying, Configuring and/or Using Your Chair

How much does Posturally Master Class Cost?

This investment towards new knowledge and improved health is expected to cost approximately $97.

Final thoughts

Overall, Posturally’s Desk Posture Challenge masterclass addresses a common issue experienced by most consumers in the work force. According to students who have previously taken the course, they’ve realized how much of an impact small changes such as having arm rests or sitting at a specific angle can have on one’s health. What makes this class reliable is Asher’s expertise in this respective field; adding much more value to the content shared. The price associated with this course is relatively fair as well given that new things will be learned, retained and applied in one’s daily life. To learn more about the Desk Posture Challenge, click here.

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