New Meal2Grow Nutritional Shakes for Kids Launches by Sneakz Organic

New Meal2Grow whole food plant-based nutrition for Kids by Sneakz Organic offers a complete serving of vegetables, probiotics, 20 essential vitamins and minerals and 10g of plant protein.

Sneakz Organic is launching a new product line, called Meal2Grow. The product line is a plant-based complete nutritional shake that is free of soy, gluten and nuts and is vegan as well as Kosher certified.

The shakes, which are available on the brand’s website, can function as a meal replacement for children. The product comes in powder form, and features protein derived from organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO peas. It also features 20 essential vitamins and minerals, and a 1 billion CFU of probiotics that may be able to aid gut health. The Meal2Grow nutritional daily multi-vitamin product is also designed to boost immune function, protect growing eyes, enhance muscle growth and bone strength.

The product is available in chocolate and strawberry flavors. There are 20 grams of vitamins and minerals, Vitamin K2, lutein, and omega-3 fatty acids in the formula. Preparing the shakes are easy and can be done on the go. The packets indicate to combining with 8-10 ounces of milk, which leads to a smooth and delicious beverage.

Sneakz Organic CEO Jeff Robins shared with Bevnet, that the new line is the brand’s second whole food product specifically designed with kids nutrition in mind, which is the brand’s “founding priority” and one that it will continue to support as its line of healthy offerings grows. He also added that the brand successfully launched a similar product line for adults last year, and a senior product line is in the pipeline for later this year. Here are his exact quotes shared:

“Meal2Grow is our second whole food product designed specifically with kids nutrition in mind- our founding priority and one that we will continue to support as we grow our line of healthy offerings,” […] “After a successful launch of our Meal2Go blended drinks for adults last year, and a senior product in the pipeline for release later this year, Sneakz aims to become the multi-generational solution to whole food nutrition.”

According to the offical website, the Sneakz Organic's Meal2Grow nutritional shakes include all of the following ingredients; Organic pea protein, Organic cane sugar, Organic veggie blend (Organic carrot, Organic cauliflower, Organic Kale, Organic sweet potato, Organic spinach), Organic Jerusalem artichoke, Organic flavor, Organic cocoa (alkali processed), Organic flax seed, Vitamin mineral blend (Orgen-Kid®(Organic curry, Organic guava, Organic lemon, Organic sesbania, Organic amla, Organic Holy basil, Organic annatto extracts), Tricalcium phosphate, Magnesium amino acid chelate, Orgen-C®(Organic amla extract), Orgen-Zn®(Organic guava extract), Vitamin K2, Vitamin D2, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B12, Saccharomyces cerevisiae ), Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, Lutein

In addition to the new release for kids, there is also the Meal2Go for Adults plant-based nutrition protein powder that acts as a meal replacement product by offering 16 grams of pea, pumpkin protein, and cranberry as well as energy-enhancing ancient grains. The Meal2Go for Adults boasts 1 billion CFU of Ganedenbc30 probiotics and 17 different vitamins and minerals along with a full serving of daily vegetables too.

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