New Dr. Oz System 20 Lifestyle Plan Declares Dieting is Dead in 2020

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Dr. Oz, the world's most famous celebrity-doctor, recently introduced his 'new you new decade' lifestyle plan by the name of System 20 on his Doctor OZ T.V. show, expanding on more than losing weight in 2020.

Dr. Oz Shares New ‘System 20' Health Program, Airs Release on his Doctor OZ TV Show

Dr. Oz knows what time it is. Aside from the increasing interest in New Year's Resolutions this time of year, the famous medical doctor and daytime TV personality announced the release of his new total lifestyle change plan called “System 20” during his Doctor Oz show.

The newly created System 20 health program was designed to help consumers improve their personal wellness by following 20 different goals that will help users lose up to 20 pounds and reduce the risk of major health conditions, including diabetes, stroke and heart disease by up to 20% in 2020. While full details on the lifestyle wellness program are available on the official platform or website, here is a review of the trending System 20 plan where Dr. Oz officially declared dieting is dead in 2020.

What is System 20 by Dr. Oz?

Dieting is a vicious word to a lot of people. Essentially, for most individuals around the world dieting only works for a limited time (plateau effect) if at all. The only real way to keep the excess body fat off is by making healthy lifestyle choices that can continually be used and applied after reaching the desired weight loss goal or objective. Dr. Oz has become notable for his consistent stories on the latest health news through his television show, helping watchers to see the truth in an industry that is filled with bad players (example). Now, the science-backed comprehensively-researched System 20 wellness plan is geared towards an easy-to-follow ‘full-body' approach to health.

According to Dr. Oz, his System 20 program is designed to do two things; improve weight loss but then expands much more into the mental and emotional actionable steps towards improving a user’s health.

The program states that users can lose up to 20 pounds in their participation and will see up to a reduction of 20% in the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The program establishes a morning routine for the user, as well as directions of how to eat and how to reduce stress. The program gets its name from 20 main components that consumers need to adhere to for the Dr. Oz-branded lifestyle system. Here is a detailed visual graphic breaking down all of the core components the System 20 has within it:

System 20 by Dr. Oz
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There are quite a few resources that explain the System 20 health program, including his weekly routine checklist, how to eat on System 20 chart, food shopping list, low-carb snack cheat sheet and how to make your own lunch & dinner bowls:

dr oz system 20 weekly checklist
System 20 weekly checklist
how to eat on Doctor Oz's System 20
how to eat on Doctor Oz's System 20
Dr. Oz System 20 food shopping list
Dr. Oz System 20 approved foods shopping list
System 20 low carb snack cheat sheet
Low carb snack cheat sheet for System 20 users
system 20 diet program
System 20 lunch and dinner meal recipes

Now, as anyone can see – Dr. Oz is no stranger to introducing new diets, meal plans and nutritional programs to follow; in the past he has put together quite a few nutrition, cleanses and weight loss guides such as:

  • 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough (plant-based focus)
  • Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan (total choice meal plans)
  • The Day-Off Diet
  • One Day Reset Plan
  • Monday Dieter Plan
  • 3-Day Super Soup Cleanse Restart
  • 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge
  • 5 Day Summer Cleanse
  • 4 Week Soda Detox / Ultimate Detox Month
  • the Grapefruit Detox

But Dr. Oz mentioned his System 20 lifestyle plan is different than anything he has created before; taking over a year to develop the food recipes, meal plans, exercise regimen, cheat sheet, healthy snacks and shopping checklists before putting everything together for release. By the time the user completes this new System 20 program, Dr. Oz has set a few goals, which are:

  • To be able to plank for a full minute
  • To have smaller than a 35-inch waist
  • To reach 120/80 blood pressure
  • To reach less than 100 fasting glucose level
  • To reach less than 100 LDL cholesterol level
  • To reduce the user’s RealAge by at least 2 years

Dr. Oz reminds his followers how “passionate” that he is about keeping up with preventative care to reduce the risk of many conditions. Considering how many conditions that obesity is connected to, the easiest way to reduce this risk is to start by the food in the body and the daily habits that consumers have.

The Requirements of System 20

The first part of the program is a morning routine, but it isn’t the extreme regimen that consumers may be concerned about. Instead, the consumer is only asked to take on four specific tasks – waking up at the same time every morning, engage in a two-minute stretch and meditative session, engage in a quick cardio routine, and put some MCT oil in their coffee.

The rest of the day is somewhat structured with an eating schedule, and each meal requires certain foods. The user is instructed to fast intermittently from 7:00pm the night before. In the morning, though the user will drink coffee, they are instructed to skip breakfast and continue fasting until 11:00am. At brunch, since there is not a typical lunch, the participant will eat beans, greens, and protein, which they should add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to. The user will repeat their food consumed at brunch when they have dinner.

Overall, this program requires the user to abstain from added sugars, though they are allowed to have low-carb snacks to keep their appetite from becoming overwhelming and to keep the metabolism moving. If they choose dessert, then the program explicitly designates frozen blueberries as their treat. As a way to keep the regimen up, Dr. Oz recommends a day off from the program every week.

In an effort to reduce stress and reconnect with the world around the user, Dr. Oz has three more rules. To avoid unnecessary stimulants at bedtime, the user should not have any kind of caffeine after 3:00 pm. In an effort to connect with loved ones, the user should have a phone call instead of a text conversation at least one time per week. Furthermore, to wind down from the day, Dr. Oz encourages consumers to put their phone down about an hour before bed instead.

What Support Does System 20 Offer?

Rather than simply giving these details about the program, Dr. Oz remains focused on making the regimen easy for the user to follow to increase the likelihood that they can stick with it. On the official System 20 page, consumers will find a full weekly checklist, a shopping list that they can take along with them to the store, a go-to snack list, and even recipes that specifically adhere to the requirements of the System 20 program.

  • Some of the recipes include:
  • Collard Green Wrapped Turkey & Bean Burritos
  • Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice
  • Chicken Thighs with White Beans, Spicy Kale, and Tomatoes

There are already reviews and stories on the website that discuss what exactly MCT oil is, what others have gotten out of Dr. Oz’s own yoga routine, and the meditation app that some people have used. Furthermore, as a way to understand the potential impact that some unhealthy habits can have, consumers can even read articles on the physical damage that consumers have without a connection to other people. Dr. Oz also got Jeanette Jenkins and Yusuf Myers, both high profile fitness trainers for celebrities, to develop a easy-to-do fitness routine that works with the intermittent fasting focused plan that System 20 centers itself on.

The most interesting aspect of this program is that there’s no charge to actually get access to the information. Instead, in addition the all of the visuals provided above with the checklists and mapping out how the System 20 works, the Doctor Oz TV episode also shared the Facebook group where all users can post and share their successes, questions and comments openly to engage and interact with others on the healthy lifestyle plan.

For Additional Questions

The System 20 regimen was featured on January 6th, 2020 during The Doctor Oz Show, and there is substantial information on the featured homepage for System and in Dr. Oz’s newsletter. However, if there are more questions, there are many resources available at too.

There was also a helpful video found on YouTube with Dr. Oz talking about using the System 20 with Chef Tiffany:


The year is 2020 and it is the beginning of a new decade. System 20 can be used by any adult as a way to create a healthier environment in their body. With no cost to access the materials, consumers can feel free to get involved at their own pace and will be able to access all of the information through both Dr. Oz’s official website and the website for System 20 specifically. Even for consumers that opt against using the whole program can benefit substantially from the knowledge they gain on the website as there is an immense amount of resources available for all to see.

As the new year kicks off, only time will reveal whether or not the newly-released Dr. Oz System 20 healthy lifestyle wellness plan will catch on and possibly compete with the top trending diet programs of 2019. The number one most popular diet last year was Intermittent Fasting, which is the core pillar of the System 20 plan. Regardless of how well Dr. Oz's weight loss wellness program unfolds, one thing is for sure; despite numerous scientific advancements and technological innovations, relentless change is inevitable when it comes to personal care and living a health and wellness focused life.

In closing, two expressions of thought should anchor this home;

a) “out with the old, in with the new”
b) “the less you eat, the longer you live, the more you get to eat”

That's all 2020 health nuts and diet fanatics. Be sure to leave any comments and feedback, especially if you are following the System 20 plan by Dr. Oz and we will be sure to follow along with any new announcements or updates.

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