Durkin Sports Performance Speed Kills Training Program Launches


Speed Kills Training Program is a 12-week fitness regimen created by Durkin Sports Performance.

The program promises to provide users with significant strength and speed improvements over a three month period. While other training programs emphasize speed and repetitions, this program emphasizes heavy weights and fewer repetitions.

Is the Speed Kills Training Program worth the price? How does the program work? Keep reading our review to find out more.

What is the Speed Kills Training Program?

The Speed Kills Training Program is a 12-week power lifting program created by a Pennsylvania-based company called Durkin Sports Performance.

When it comes to getting in shape, many people decide to enroll in a gym membership in their area to get the benefits of their local machines and trainers. However, the current spread of disease is making it difficult to keep up with a workout routine, since many states aren’t even allowing these fitness facilities to be open. Anyone that has a home gym might be at an advantage but staying on task without any sense of direction only makes the entire situation worse.

Online fitness regimens are not new, and trainers have been coming out with digital programs and books for years. However, the Speed Kills Training Program is a little different. Over the course of 12 weeks, participants use the program to “maximize results” and to improve their strength and speed, ensuring that they aren’t just sitting around and waiting for the current circumstances to change. As an added promise, this company adds that a maximum of one repetition is needed to see improvements, which is a big claim for this type of regimen.

The company entices consumers with a simple and logical statement – “The faster and more explosive that you are, the more you dominate the game you love!” Offering routines for all types of athletes, the “speed and power program” is not for the faint of heart or the casual gym rat. Instead, these users will have access to trainers that have worked at a professional level, and some of them have even worked with Olympic athletes to get them to their best competition level of performance.

So, what exactly do new users have to commit to for these results? Just as the website indicates, anyone that signs up needs to be fully ready to offer up the next 12 weeks to focus on their recovery, nutrition, and training. Users will go through a total of five training sessions every week, divided into three days for lifting and two days to focus on speed and agility. Each session takes up to 60 minutes (no less than 45 minutes) and will work out the entire body each time.

Users need to be fully invested to get the results, following every single instruction in the guide to truly get the benefits. They’ll have access to everything that they need to be successful – downloadable PDF with all of the program details, a video library of all of the exercises (including warmup and cooldown routines), and more.

The Speed Kills Training Program is priced at $97. You can buy it online today, then get instant access to the files. There are no physical products: it’s all PDFs (eBooks) and videos.

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The Phases of the Speed Kills Training Program

In order to help consumers to improve their speed and power, they will be participating in a regimen that involves “motor unit recruitment and rate of force development.” More clearly, they will be activating their muscles to promote better use of power, which inherently helps with speed. To do so, the user will be going through three phases during training.

During Phase 1 – the “Eccentric and Isometric Loading Phase” – the training will help to improve the athlete’s efficiency as they move, allowing them to work with their own energy in the best way. This program focuses on using tempos, which will “enhance the time under tension (TUT) of each exercise.”

At Phase 2 – the “Contrast Training Phase” – the creators improves their training results even more, focusing this level on improving “Post Activation Potentiation” or PAP. PAP is meant to increase the user’s “ability to recruit ‘high threshold motor units,’” which is a complicated way of saying that the user will improve the power behind their movements.

Phase 3 – the “French Contrast Training Phase” – again increases the intensity of training for maximum application of the former two phases. Using the French Contrast Method (FCM), the user will accelerate the results that they are already getting to bring the user’s speed to its highest possible level.

Purchasing Access to the Speed Kills Training Program

Speed Kills Training Program is priced at $97.

Unlike a gym membership or even a fitness website, the Speed Kills Training Program only requires one payment of $97 to have access to the program throughout the 12 weeks. They’ll gain access to methods that professional and DI athletes use to improve their vertical jump, broad jump, and more, enhancing their power in ways that are not possible with other online programs.

All of the materials are digital, and users should be able to access the program right after they buy it. They will also be emailed a copy of their materials.

For More Information

Speed Kills Training Program is made by a Moon Township, Pennsylvania-based fitness company called Durkin Sports Performance.

The easiest way to learn more about this program is to purchase it, because that is the only opportunity to access the details. However, consumers that want to find out answers to their specific questions, like inquiries about their order or about preparing for the 12 weeks, can contact Durkin Sports Performance directly.

They can be reached by requesting a call with the form at:

Consumers can also send an email to or visit the facility directly, if they live near Moon Township, PA.

  • Mon – Thu 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm Fri – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Closed Saturdays and Sundays


Speed Kills Training Program is a 12-week fitness training program that claims to provide significant strength and speed improvements in just three months. The program emphasizes fewer repetitions with higher weight loads.

The Speed Kills Training Program is for serious athletes primarily, but anyone that is ready to get their body and speed on track will likely benefit substantially. The “personal training” comes from the guides and videos – there’s no actual contact with a personal trainer, despite what the website seems to suggest. Durkin Sports Performance does, however, have personal trainers on staff.

Overall, the cost to get involved in the Speed Kills Training Program is much cheaper than most gyms, and the program can be done entirely from home, which is a major benefit for the current state of the world.

Find the Speed Kills Training Program Here

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