Study: New Sestrin Protein Could Benefit the Body’s Muscle Atrophy, Replace Exercising

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to enhance the human experience, especially in terms of health. Now, there’s a possibility that the body’s muscles can get all of the protein and exercise they need without the need to lift a finger. Read on to learn about Sestrin protein and the findings of researchers from the University of Michigan.

Scientists New Discovery Could Eliminate Workouts

  • New study examined the role of a protein in exercise metabolism
  • The lab tests were performed with both flies and mice.
  • A supplement with this protein will take quite a while to develop.

At the dawn of a new decade, how would it sound if everyone was told they no longer needed to workout to gain the benefits of exercising via a ‘miracle pill'. That may soon be a reality based on the latest discovery of a protein that could be responsible for many of the benefits that happen due to a quality workout session.

While it is no secret that exercising and working out is a highly effective intervention towards aging, mobility and metabolic dysregulation, but if everyone in the world was asked to fill out a survey poll of what their top three wishes would be – there might be a common denominator wish if you took a total aggregate of the most popular answers. What might that be? It would be hard-pressed not to think one of the biggest responses would be a supplemental pill that gives people all of the benefits of exercising without actually working out.

Now, new research about the Sestrin protein indicates we may have one of the most desirable fantasies in all of the health and wellness world where a pill could mimic the benefits of a quality workout without actually exercising. Talk about a 2020 pipedream! There is a lot to unpack about the study and future ramifications of a pill that could benefit the body's muscle wasting process and actually provide the health benefits so many fitness enthusiasts rave about after a good pump or run.

The Sestrin Protein Study on Muscles and Exercising

Getting in shape requires a lot of work, and anyone that has ever tried to slim down knows this struggle. However, what if losing weight was as simple as drinking a supplement or swallowing a capsule? A new research study revealed that there’s a possibility that this type of formula could realistically become a reality. The details are still being sorted out, but the University of Michigan researchers state that they’ve discovered a naturally-occurring protein – Sestrin – which appears to create the same effect in the body.

With this innovative formula, the fitness industry could be completely revamped, as well as the medical and scientific community. Sestrin could make it possible for individuals unable to work out – like senior citizens or patients with medical concerns – to stimulate processes in the body that help with muscle maintenance. In a release, research assistant professor Myungjin Kim, Ph.D. in the Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology stated, “Researchers have previously observed that Sestrin accumulates in muscle following exercise.”

With the use of flies, the researchers examined the way that Sestrin could be connected with exercise. In their words, they developed a “fly treadmill,” which involved training flies to climb up and out of a test tube. While some of the flies tested were bred normally, there were some flies bred with the inability to make Sestrin.

Professor June Hee Lee, Ph.D., stated, “Flies can usually run around four to six hours at this point, and the normal flies’ ability improved over that period. The flies without Sestrin did not improve with exercise.” When additional untrained flies were given the maximum dose with Sestrin, the flies became more adept with the “treadmill,” becoming superior to the other flies being tested. Interestingly, the Sestrin alone seemed to reach their physical potential without getting in any improved shape with exercise beforehand.

The testing by these researchers also included mice, which they bred to be unable to produce Sestrin. Typically, after the mice exercise, they would exhibit certain symptoms, like improvements in respiration and aerobic capacity. However, the mice experienced none of these improvements. Lee stated, “We propose that Sestrin can coordinate these biological activities by turning on or off different metabolic pathways. This kind of combined effect is important for producing exercises effects.”

During another part of the study, researchers found that atrophy in immobilized muscle groups could even be prevented with the use of Sestrin. This type of atrophy is common for individuals that have to wear a cast for months.

All of these findings are clearly huge for the scientific community, but the researchers are cautious. There’s plenty of work ahead to make Sestrin marketable in retail stores, which is why these supplements aren’t likely to come out soon. Lee commented, “Sestrins are not small molecules, but we are working to find small molecule modulators of Sestrin.”

Now, the goal of this team is primarily regarding the identification of how the body is able to produce Sestrin, which Kim states is “very critical” to the future of their work. If the team manages to do so, then it could create a whole new world for people who are unable to exercise. While gym club owners, fitness trainers and workout equipment makers can rest easy knowing today there isn't a Sestrin protein pill supplement releasing anytime soon, it certainly raises the level of possibilities when it comes to one-day being able to enjoy all the wonderful wellness effects the body enjoys when you exercise and workout via a miracle pill that helps heal muscular decline, improve physical endurance and gracefully age into the golden years of our lives.

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