Intriguing answers to total time to be spent over Physical Fitness

Whether you are keeping up with your New Year resolution of hitting the gym or not isn’t important but taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is. According to the guidelines provided by the federal health, performing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity workout for five days in a week can keep you super healthy. However, according to the latest studies, the number seems to have altered a tad bit.

In order to reduce health risks caused by hypertension instead of doing a workout from 30 to 60 minutes, you need to increase the time to 61 to 90 minutes a week. Taking a walk in the open air can boost the concentration levels. According to research, the young adults who regularly took a walk in nature were better proofreaders than the ones who didn’t walk at all. Children with ADHD issues were found with developing their health conditions only by spending as less as 20 minutes in the park.

According to the study published by Harvard’s health blog, a person can improve their learning power and verbal memory by exercising for 120 minutes with moderate-intensity aerobic routines, as doing so increases the size of the hippocampus (part of the brain dealing with memory power).

Researches show that every American should at least take 2 hours of a combined break within 8 hours of work to improve their health conditions. They are suggested to stand or take small strolls in between their working hours beginning from a two hours break heading towards four all in all. Almost every person is found to have spent 10 hours of their day in a seated position in their office or at work. Hours and hours of time are passed in front of the screen, scanning through their emails and making phone calls. Nevertheless, going home to spend more time online or in front of the TV is making the people lead a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle can be one of the main reasons for having mental health problems. For leading a stress-free life, exercising on a regular basis is the key. As per the reports published by the Harvard Special Health Department, brisk walking for 35 minutes can improve health conditions. At least 5 days in a week a person should spend a few minutes in brisk walking in order to avoid the symptoms of depression.

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