Your fitness tracker might not be enough to lose weight

Despite having a fitness tracker like Fitbit or Apple Watch to aid you in weight loss, these devices might fall short getting you the result you desire. Even as the tracker sticks to your wrist all day long monitoring your daily activities, these healthy habits might slip down with time and you might end up gaining weight as opposed to losing any.

Merely wearing your fitness tracker might not make you healthy. Moreover, singlehandedly, they aren’t capable to guide you through what is needed for better health and what isn’t. Trackers surely show the daily progress of your activities and some can go as far as sensing the atrial fibrillation. Unfortunately, none can serve as a persistent coach for your health requirements.

While fitness trackers can give you access to nits and bits of what needs to be done, they cannot essentially motivate you enough to actually get the job done. The enthusiasm only lasts for the initial few months and things get weak with time. Your mind gets distracted very easily. In a study conducted among 471 overweight subjects aged between 18 and 35 divided randomly into two groups, it was noted that trackers do not actually function after a certain point of time. One group started using fitness tracker from a certain brand while the other didn’t. The group with fitness tracker did lose weight in the first year but from the 2nd year, the neutral group lost more weight as compared to the group that used fitness trackers.

John Jakicic, the lead researchers and professor working at the Department for Health and Physical Activity located at the University of Pittsburgh stated that this does in no way suggest that these devices are harmful. They do aid in weight loss but it can vary from one individual to another and the users shouldn’t entirely depend on them. They should only be used as one among the various options for weight loss which is used in combination with other methodologies.

Weight loss can be a complicated process and it requires careful monitoring of several daily processes along with genetic history to ensure that the data acquired is accurate to the core. It is important to note that every participant in the study did drop weight in the initial half but the companies need to bring in more powerful and stylish trackers to keep the users going along for better health.

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