LEVEL SELECT CBD Oil Drops Launch as NFL Receiver Tim Brown Celebrates Super Bowl Weekend

Kadenwood's LEVEL SELECT CBD product line launches new broad spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol-infused tinctures with no THC as celebrity endorsers Carson Palmer and Tim Brown back the growing cannabis oil company.

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, former wide receiver, Tim Brown took to his social media to express his presence at the big game in Miami where the National Football League's Superbowl will take place between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

In doing so, he also shared a picture of himself holding Level Select CBD’s sports cream and roll-ons, as seen below:

Why is Brown recommending Level Select CBD? It turns out that Level Select CBD primarily focuses on supporting athletes in need of smoother recovery. What makes their approach unique to that of their competitors? One, they’ve greatly emphasized on the use of broad-spectrum CBD and two, they don’t offer one but three different levels of intensity to ensure athletes are back on their feet.

Kadenwood's LEVEL SELECT CBD brand is also endorsed by 15-year professional NFL quarterback Carson Palmer who uses cannabidiol-infused products for pain relief and recovery after a long career that boasts three Pro Bowl selections and was a Heisman trophy winner in college. Back in the fall of 2019 when Carson first announced his alignment with Level Select CBD products, he stated:

“After playing for 15 years, I’ve got a lot of aches and pains.” […] “It feels like there is a headache in my knee 24 hours a day and Level Select was an instant game changer. My knee feels great now, it actually made me feel like I am a better father because I am more active and can keep up with my younger kids.”

Here is a video of the athletes, including Mr. Palmer, who all shared why they use Level Select CBD supplements:

Here’s an overview of the different levels of the sports cream:

Level 1: 300mg Sports Cream ($39.99)

Level 1 is said to contain 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD along with menthol to help relax muscles. The relaxation is expected to help consumers not only get through the day, but also attain restful sleep at night.

Level 2: 600mg Sports Cream ($59.99)

Level 2 is for anyone who requires more help in relieving muscles. This level is suitable for those with a higher level of muscle soreness. According to one consumer, they not only attained muscle relief but also relief to their arthritis condition.

Level 3: 1200mg Sports Cream ($89.99)

Level 3 kicks things up a notch as it claims to deliver the maximum possible strength consumers require. A lot of athletes are surely to have undergone some form of injury leading to surgeries. While some may recover in a decent amount of time, others might still have to put up with the aftermath. In either case, level 3 appears to be suitable.

In addition to the sports cream, consumers also have the option of the sports roll-ons, which are similar in formula but different in delivery. That said, sports-related solutions aren’t the only ones offered at Level Select CBD, as CBD oils are also offered.

What’s interesting about the levels of CBD oils offered is that they are of extreme concentration. For instance, Levels 1,2 and 3 house 1200mg ($69.99), 2400mg ($99.99) and 5000mg of CBD ($199.99), which is rare to witness within the industry.

Why Choose Level Select CBD?

Confused as to whether or not Level Select CBD is desirable for pain relief? Here are key takeaways that might help in making a decision:

1) Broad-Spectrum CBD

The term “broad-spectrum” implies that the whole cannabis plant was used with the exception of THC (i.e. psychoactive compound). CBD is one of hundreds of different cannabinoids that exist in the plant, and current studies are finding that the rarest kinds of cannabinoids and the plant’s flavor profile carries therapeutic benefits as well.

2) Different Levels of Intensity

Most often, CBD is created as a one-size-fits-all solution. This is a problem because the severity of one’s health varies across an entire population. In the case of athletes, who put a lot of stress on their bodies, a higher dosage may be preferred. Hence, offering different strengths allows one to assess what is suitable for their individual needs.

3) The “Level Select Difference”

Level Select CBD is believed to be founded on quality and trust. To ensure consumers are satisfied, they’ve eliminated any traces of THC, included CBD derived from U.S. grown hemp, and have undergone third-party testing. That said, it is ideal to request for evidence of testing, as most firms today provide a Certificate of Analysis for consumer relief. Finally, each product is deemed non-GMO and cruelty-free.

Commenting on the new release of Level Select CBD oil drops, Kadenwood CEO and Co-Founder Erick Dickens added:

“We're excited to once again raise the bar for quality CBD products available to consumers with the launch of new LEVEL SELECT™ CBD Oil Drops,” […] “This new offering expands the variety of products in which users can experience the benefits of Kadenwood's pure hemp-derived CBD oil, which has been perfected through our proprietary farming operations to create the highest quality CBD.”

Currently, Level Select CBD has a “Buy one, get one 50% off” deal and the code is BOGO50. To learn more about Level Select CBD, click here.

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