Exodus Effect: New Book Details Making True Holy Anointed Oil at Home

The Exodus Effect is a complete at-home true holy anointed oil cannabis recipe book from Divine Origins Health where Pastor Andrew details the missing ingredients proof found in the Bible can unlock the secrets to a real CBD-based healing protocol.

Did you know that human expectancy rates have dropped by nearly 375% since the times of the Old Testament? Did it ever occur to you to question the reality behind this concern? Interestingly, a pastor seems to have investigated this concern for well over 30 years, only to realize that a mishap took place when the bible was translated.

Individuals are told that this small mistake prevented everyone from finding a natural solution to health issues ranging from diabetes and autoimmune-related diseases to the potential threat of cancer. Want in on the action? Curious to see how this slight error could have a significant impact on your health? This is where it is best to introduce The Exodus Effect:

What is the Exodus Effect?

The Exodus Effect is a guide that was put together to share God’s real anointed oil. As per Pastor Andrew, Dr. Sula Benet found an apparent error in the bible in 1939. This error entailed a mistranslated word that led society to categorize CBD as being marijuana. Though the mistake was caught much earlier, it was not corrected until Pastor Andrew pinpointed it.

the exodus effect

Found at, the long lost biblical secret is detailed during a lengthy video about how there is undeniable proof of the secret's holy healing power and how it was kept under lock and key for nearly two-thousand years. The “exodus error” discovery by Dr. Benet says there was a loss of translation from Hebrew to Greek languages where it could change the entire meaning of the Bible.

The word that was mistranslated was “Kaneh Bosm”, where the two words “Kaneh” and “Bosm” would eventually be fused into one word “Kanabos”, which ultimately evolves into today's modern-day interpretation, Cannabis. From there, Pastor Andrew explains The Exodus Effect using Biblical references as comparing Adam and Eve's Cain and Abel to marijuana and hemp where Cain (the bad son) was marijuana and Abel (the good son) is hemp.

Furthering the conversation within the video, Dr. Benet claims hemp is a God-given herb and was used in holy ceremonies such as the Feast of Tabernacles but was mistranslated from Kaneh Bosm to ‘Sweet Calamus', which is all but a yellow desert flower with no medicinal properties. Pastor Andrew would give prime examples of where he saw this Kanabos (Cannabis) referenced within the Hebrew dictionary and ancient texts, citing the following:

God said “You have not brought any [Kanabos] for me, or lavished on me the fat of your sacrifices. But you have burdened me with your sins and wearied me with your offences” – Isaiah 43:23-24…

Then he cited:

I also saw references to Kanabos… or Cannabis… in Jeremiah 6:20, Ezekiel 27:19, and it was even mentioned in the Song of Solomon.

And another:

Jeremiah 17:8 mentions a “tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green, and shall not be disquieted in the year of drought…”

After referencing the ‘Biblical proof', Pastor Andrew talks about The Exodus Effect's missing ingredient in modern day terms by mentioning the hundreds of medical studies about cannabis having legitimate healing powers. Given the gravity of the biblical undertones and new-age scientific research, innovation and legal advancements, The Exodus Effect believes it can help users make real true holy anointed oil from home using the missing cannabis ingredients by understanding that Cannabis isn't only cannabis (much like Cain and Abel are not Adam and Eve), but it consists of marijuana and hemp, both differing what they provide and how they work within the body to deliver the perceived health benefits of CBD oil.

The Exodus Effect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The highly controversial Exodus Effect presentation from Pastor Andrew prompts and warrants many questions that need to be addressed in a proper manner given the biblical nature of the True Anointed Oil cannabis recipe book.

What makes the Exodus Effect stand out?

Given that consumers, in this case, individual Christians, are hesitant about using CBD, having discovered that it should have been included from the beginning makes the Exodus Effect unique. However, what makes this guide (i.e., the recipe) stand out is that CBD was combined with other ingredients with similar properties. The premise of The Exodus Effect book for cannabis oil-infused recipes is based on “THE long lost Biblical ingredient God intended for us to use in anointed oil” and is described heavily within the official ‘miracle oil' video.

What are the benefits of the Exodus Effect?

Now that a significant flaw has been identified in the original anointed oil recipe, Pastor Andrew affirms that the recently adjusted sacred anointing oil formula can aid in:

  • Alleviating any type of chronic pain
  • Enhancing sleep quality
  • Boosting individuals’ cognitive function
  • Achieving emotional freedom
  • Possibly healing rare diseases
  • Preventing cancer cells from spreading
  • Becoming closer to God

How long before the benefits are attained?

The benefits appear to hit one’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and mental health among several others. That said, the average healing time is supposedly five days. Bear in mind that this can easily change depending on the severity of one’s health.

Is it a problem to lack knowledge of herbology?

No, Pastor Andrew avows that the recipe can be made using the simplest of tools found in the very drawers of one’s kitchen. So, it is unnecessary to have any knowledge of herbology.

How should the new anointed oil be ingested?

According to the claims made, the Exodus Effect offers 12 unique ways of ingesting the new anointed oil. For those who prefer oral consumption, options include adding it to one’s coffee or smoothie. At the same time, for topical uses, it can be applied either directly on the skin or mixed with existing skincare products. For the time being, there is no information on how often one should use it and what the ideal dose per-use is.

What does the Exodus Effect come with?

For optimal results, Pastor Andrew is offering three bonuses and community access alongside the Exodus Effect. Here’s a briefing of what these comprise of:

Special Report #1. Divine Pet

Divine Pet is simply a customized version of the Exodus Effect that meets the health requirements of pets. Given that pets are far more sensitive, the doses are said to be much lower than that of humans. When pets are given their respective anointed oil, pet owners can anticipate them to experience better joint and emotional health and behavior.

Special Report #2. Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect uncovers the measures one can take to increase their longevity by 15, 20, and 30 years. The tips and tricks housed within this guide aim to rid one of the symptoms associated with aging.

Special Report #3. Hidden Prayers

As the name suggests, Pastor Andrew put together his guide with 33 scriptures he deems “hidden prayers.” In his viewpoint, taking the oil is nowhere near beneficial as supporting them with prayers. The core belief here is: the closer individuals are to God, the superior the results.

Exclusive Access: Prayer Warrior Network

Unlike the previously mentioned three bonuses, the Prayer Warrior Network is access to a community where individuals can share their experiences and concerns and offer advice to those who need them.

Is the Exodus Effect affordable?

Presently, the Exodus Effect posts a respectable price tag of costing individuals $67, which is reduced to account for the entire general public. Also, each guide is said to be protected by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which implies minimized risk. However, the Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee is only applicable to U.S. customers. International customers are given a 60-day money-back guarantee from the initial date of purchase. Nonetheless, to get the refund process started, individuals are obliged to:

Altogether, the Exodus Effect is affordable monetarily due to having alot of worth-while health information about the lost receipt for holy anointed oil. This is mainly because of the decisive role CBD plays in one’s life and the supposed benefits above.

Who is behind the Exodus Effect?

Based on the official website, Pastor Andrew seems to have put together the Exodus Effect. Having spent close to 30 years trying to pinpoint the exact reason why human longevity significantly decreased, his recent breakthrough is anticipated to change one’s viewpoint on what is a “Christian” truly means. Although he serves as a pastor, he considers himself as a passionate, “lifelong student of theology.”

Final Thoughts

Pastor Andrew put together the Exodus Effect to reveal an unfortunate error in the “Holy Anointed Oil” recipe. He believes that this is life-changing and could be the reason why human longevity decreased as decades passed. In fact, what was once thought of as medicinal treasure has now been taken to a whole new level.

By purchasing the Exodus Effect, one can anticipate learning everything there is to know from the exact recipe and optimal uses to the research supporting the arguments he makes. Pastor Andrew supposedly went as far as adapting the oil recipe so that our furry friends can become healthier versions of themselves too, which is noteworthy. Obviously, with CBD, the one problem that continues to circulate today is not knowing what dose is appropriate for each respective individual. Hence, it is unclear as to how this might or might not affect the anointed oil in the Exodus Effect.

Even though none of the claims made here are supported by the United States Food Drug and Administration (FDA), studies suggest that CBD may improve many health aspects. Combining it with ingredients housing similar properties possibly makes it all the more helpful. In this sense, the Exodus Effect is quite valuable. For more on the Exodus Effect, and Pastor Andrew caught this inexcusable translation error, hear him out by clicking here.

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