New Oxybreath Pro Anti-Pollution Air Breathing Mask Launches in Light of Coronavirus

The new anti-pollution clean air breathing face mask OxyBreath Pro was released as a way to filter viruses, bacteria and harmful microparticles. In light of the coronavirus outbreak and public health emergency, the following is straight forward research conducted to review the OxyBreath Pro benefits.

OxyBreath Pro is promoted as a highly effective clean air breathing mask that helps consumers effectively keep their lungs clear of the rampant airborne pollution in busy and industrial environments. Given the recent public health emergency of the coronavirus and the rise in prices of anti-pollution breathing masks, new products and solutions are emerging on the market but are they all safe and effective at deterring harmful viruses, allergens, bacteria and microparticles?

What is OxyBreath Pro?

The need for clean air is a constant one, but the constant evolution of businesses and new companies in cities is creating an even bigger issue in the environment. Even just taking a deep breath is somehow becoming hazardous to the health of some consumers, especially in busy cities. As the saying goes, you can go weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without air. It hardly seems worth risking personal health but the OxyBreath Pro aims to help by launching as a new ‘Highly Effective Anti-Pollution Clean Air Breathing Mask' according to its official sales page.

This face mask is designed to protect the nose and mouth from inhaling harmful bacteria and microparticles in the environment, creating pure and healthy air with every single breath. OxyBreath Pro is positioned to offer defense against viruses and allergens as well as filtering the air with its PM 2.5 nanotechnology dust-free air filter to avoid threatening risks of breathing impairment. With respiratory issues being so ever-present for consumers in urban areas, it is hard to find a way to stop sickness in its tracks, but the use of this anti-pollution face mask could help.

oxybreath pro face mask
What the air filter looks like on Oxybreath Pro face mask

The OxyBreath Pro offers a stretchy yet soft material to gently protect anyone’s face, regardless of their skin sensitivity or facial structure. While this clean air breathing mask product is seemingly brand spanking new, there are a few positives worth noting that are worthy of consideration assuming it is made with quality materials and actual air filter technology. A few cosmetic benefits to the Oxybreath Pro mas is that it's lightweight and comfortable, and consumers can wash it with the rest of their laundry whenever needed so they can freely reuse it whenever they need to leave their home.

However, the big elephant in the industry today is the spread of the coronavirus, which is why the demand for facial breathing masks skyrocketed to help provide better protection and defense against its deadly side effects.

Safe to Use Oxybreath Pro for Coronavirus Protection?

Most people walking around the streets will not be wearing a breathing mask on their face. But when there is a public health emergency that has gone global like the Coronavirus, there is a much higher need for consideration and even application of these anti-pollution face masks that help filter air from impurities and harmful airborne particles. Coronavirus is one of those such acute respiratory diseases, sparking a world-wide fear that has fatal outcomes popping up all around the globe right now.

The mysterious Wuhan, China originated Coronavirus emerged in December 2019 and really became a topic of interest for billions of people globally in January 2020. The World Health Organization has now reported nearly 8,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and many more are coming in unfortunately. On the Oxybreath Pro website, Coronavirus is not mentioned by name, but they do reference how a ‘new virus' comes up every now and then. Given the timing and sensitive nature of the Coronavirus life-threatening dangers and risks, it would be easy to assume Oxybreath Pro face mask was released as an alternative solution to buying one on Amazon or a local store where prices have likely went up in the past few weeks.

Because it is a family of viruses, it can cause everything from a common cold to more life-alternating illnesses like MERS or SARS. While the obvious is to stay away from human to human contact with people who are dealing with a sickness, or washing your hands frequently or avoid touching any part of your body and face with unwashed hands, many want to go the extra mile and wear face masks to ensure the air they breathe is cleaner and pure using filtering technology. This is where Oxybreath Pro wants to offer a product that is growing in demand given the ongoing nature of this virus.

In fact, today WHO officials held a press conference to give an update on the coronavirus where they declared a global emergency given the rise in cases:

When the words outbreak, quarantine and incubation all start being used too much people experience a heightened sense of fear and will spend at will to protect themselves. Let's review Oxybreath Pro purchase options and price points to see if this is a viable face mask to consider using as a method of prevention.

Purchasing OxyBreath Pro

When it comes to buying the OxyBreath Pro, the creators understand that some consumers want to purchase multiple products in one order. To create more of an incentive to purchase additional devices, the website offers a discount that grows as the quantity increases.

Presently, customers have the option of:

  • One breathing mask for $49
  • Two breathing masks for $69
  • Three breathing masks for $98
  • Four breathing masks for $123
  • Five breathing masks for $135

At the checkout, consumers will find that their shipping is covered. However, they have the option of signing up for a three-year warranty for the masks for just $9 more. This device can be purchased in up to a five-pack on the official HyperZTech website ran by Novads.

Contacting the Creators of OxyBreath Pro

Since the website doesn’t have tons of information about the breathing masks, consumers will likely have other questions. The customer service team can be reached by phone or email for further inquiries.

Questions can also be sent to the team through the form on the official website's contact page.


The OxyBreath Pro is designed to accommodate consumers in the most polluted of areas, while also filtering air contaminated with common allergens. The comfortable material keeps consumers from feeling claustrophobic, and any messes can be cleaned up by putting the mask through the washing machine with the rest of the user’s laundry. For consumers that live in big cities or other areas with a lot of contamination in the air, the OxyBreath Pro mask might help.

However, the truth is OxyBreath Pro is relatively new and is almost certainly released in correlation with the public health emergency going around the world in the coronavirus. The best thing to do is find other reviews and user comments online that can share whether or not this anti-pollution clean air breathing face mask works for them. The verdict is still out on whether this is a smart option to use, but given the rise in demand and scarcity of products available, OxyBreath Pro is currently available and that may be saying something in comparison to store shelves around the world as it stands today.

Further research should be required about the company and product itself, also check on Amazon for anti-pollution breathing masks as a viable option.

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