METANX May Help Diabetic Nerve Damage via Activated Folate

With as common as nerve damage is with diabetes, it is surprising that there aren’t more solutions available to consumers. Despite the fact that nerve damage is not technically reversible, the use of METANX may make it much less painful as the process of healing begins
  • New METANX improves blood flow for diabetic peripheral neuropathy for the lower parts of the body that has sustained diabetic nerve damage.
  • The main ingredient in METANX is an active form of folate called L-methylfolate calcium.

Neuropathy is a common type of nerve damage that can often occur in individuals with diabetes due to the high levels of blood sugar. As it stands, this type of nerve damage cannot be reversed, but there is still plenty of research going on to help treat high blood sugar over time. Out of this research comes a new medication (available by prescription) called METANX.

METANX helps patients suffering from neuropathy to promote better blood flow to the extremities, particularly for the feet (which sustain significant damage). By increasing blood flow, the creators behind METANX state that it is possible to help with the repairs of these nerves, by ensuring that they get the right nutrition. The key to the success of this product is found in the food-grade L-methylfolate calcium and an essential blend of B vitamins. Mentax active folate capsules do not contain gluten, lactose, or yeast.

As an active form of folate, L-methylfolate calcium, which is also referred to as vitamin B9, is naturally present in many different foods, folate is also necessary for the creation of DNA and promoting the formation of red blood cells. In a healthy person, the right amount of folate is crucial when the body is going through significant growth. However, in diabetic patients, having too little folate can create more complications for the body over a long period.

Why Not Use OTC Folic Acid Supplements?

While there are many folic acid options for consumers that want to use a non-prescription folic acid, these folic acids cannot be used by the body until it has been broken down and activated. METANX stands out by offering active folate, which saves bodies from wasted time going through all of the steps the OTC folic acid takes to break down, providing relief. The official Mentax website states, “METANX® is indicated for the distinct nutritional requirements of patients with endothelial dysfunction and hyperhomocysteinemia who present with lower extremity ulceration(s).”


Taken in a twice-daily dose, and the medical food capsules can be taken alongside any pain management remedies. Though consumers may feel better and alleviate pain for the improved blood flow, the main benefit of Mentax is the repair of the nerves that have been damaged by disease. These effects don’t necessarily occur right away, which is to be expected, considering how long diabetic nerve damage takes to develop. Still, if the user keeps up with the regimen, users should see a difference within about two to three months. Ingredients included in the Mentax formula include. Each Mentax capsule has 90.314mg of Algae-S Powder, 3mg of L-methylfolate Calcium (as Metafolin), 35mg of Pyridoxal-5, Phosphate and 2.0mg of Methylcobalamin *CAS#151533-22-1

When the user starts to feel pain or tingling in areas where they previously had no feeling, that’s a sign that the formula is working. The tingling is triggered by the correction of blood flow to the extremities and improvements in nutritional imbalances. As the medication continues to repair the nerves, these sensations may stop.

Getting Your Medication Through Brand Direct Health Pharmacy

This medication requires a prescription from a doctor, based on condition and how the doctor wants to treat the pain. The total cost covered by insurance may vary based on the patient’s plan, but the creators have a program that can help consumers that are not covered.

Brand Direct Health pharmacy helps patients to reduce the monthly cost of taking METANX by working with the insurance company. Even if they are unsuccessful, this pharmacy helps to keep the price at $58 per month and not a penny more, while other pharmacies may charge much more.

To reach out to Brand Direct Health, call 1-866-331-6440. Healthcare professionals that want to learn more about METANX can call the same number for assistance.

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