Palatinose For Weight Loss: Isomaltulose Low-Glycemic Sweetener May Burn Body Fat

New research study shows Palatinose, patented version of isomaltulose, adds support for losing weight and burning fat mass as a low-glycemic sweetner that can replace sucrose and maltodextrins as healthier alternatives when it comes to America's sweet tooth problem because it is a slow-release carbohydrate that won't spike blood sugar levels and allow for a sustained rise in blood glucose.

Palatinose is a low-glycemic powder sweetener created by German company Beneo. The sweetener has a range of applications, as it can be added to baked goods, cereal, dairy products, desserts, and the like.

The naturally sourced sweetener, which appears on the Beneo website, is purely based on sucrose from sugar beets. It is completely vegan, non-GMO, and compliant with bother Kosher and Halal dietary concerns. As for the makeup, the isomaltulose molecule linkage of the sweetener is more stable than sucrose, it provides a mild sweetness, and does not have any after taste. There are also a number of benefits associated with the sweetener, such as:

  • Provides a balanced and sustained energy supply
  • Supports a low glycemic diet
  • Improves metabolism
  • May help with weight management

Now, a recent study assessed the sweetener as a weight-loss aid. The study determined that the sweetener may support additional loss of body weight and fat mass in overweight and obese adults, when it replaces sucrose. The study, which took place over the course of 12 weeks, was randomized and double-blind and it evaluated the impact of an energy-reduced diet featuring Palatinose on weight loss. Fifty individuals participated in the study, and were assessed for changes in body weight, composition, and energy metabolism.

According to the results of the study, it was determined that that Palatinose and sucrose groups lost weight over the course of 12 weeks, but the former group achieved significant weight loss. As the study determined, participants in that group lost an “extra kilo” to the sucrose group.

The Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication at Beneo shared in a press release regarding the study that the study “clearly shows” that carb choice matters when it comes to weight loss, and that Palatinose, instead of sucrose, supports weight loss and reduction of body fat in overweight and obese people due to its ability to direct metabolism to fat burning. He stated:

“This study clearly shows that carbohydrate choice matters when undertaking a weight loss diet. Using Palatinose instead of sucrose supports weight loss and the reduction of body fat in overweight and obese people, because it steers the metabolism towards fat burning. With 670 million adults worldwide now registered as obese, this is an important step towards looking beyond calorie counting and considering instead what people can eat to help them better achieve their weight loss goals.”

Here is a video explaining how Palatinose compares in energy release to sucrose, which is being described as a “perfect free-flowing powder for drinks & blends”:


Palatinose is a patented version of isomaltulose, a natural constituent of honey and a slow-release carbohydrate, and has been linked to helping everything from blood sugar management, weight management, energy and sports nutrition as well as clinical nutrition. Because it has these beneficial, fully-digestible properties unlike most typical sugars, isomaltulose and Palatinose may have a huge market in the future because it delivers carbohydrate-based energy in a sustained and balanced way, avoiding the traditional high blood sugar spikes most sugars on today's market carry. TheHealthRadar will keep tabs on any more trending news about Palatinose and isomaltulose, as in the future one could easily see grocery store shelves stocked full of breakfast bagels, cereals and bars, as well as dairy beverages and fruit juice drinks.

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