The Serena Williams Amazon Store Launches, Features Tennis Star’s Top Health Products

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Serena Williams officially launches her Amazon wellness storefront and allows fans, followers and shoppers to find her favorite products. From nutritional supplements to fitness exercise equipment, the decorated tennis star is letting the world in on her must-have items in 2020 from

Amazon is stepping up its game with a new star-studded specific store offerings. One is the Serena Williams Amazon Sports store, where fans can view and purchase products that are hand-picked by the tennis champion herself. The newly-launched Amazon storefront features Serena Williams' favorite personal health and fitness products along with clothing and food items.

Products Chosen by Tennis Champ Dedicated to Fitness

The store features products chosen by 23-time professional tennis champion, who was also named AP Female Athlete of the Decade. When first visiting the store, you’ll encounter a quote by Serena Williams expressing how she feels about fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle. According to the quote from the women's most accomplished tennis sport player, she said:

“Fitness to me is about how you feel, that’s why I make it a lifestyle,” […] “It’s important to stay active and also put the right nutrients in your body. After a workout, I feel amazing and making this a lifestyle keeps me feeling that way.”

Serena made an announcement on her official Instagram page with a hashtag of #FoundItOnAmazon, stating:

“Excited to team up with Amazon to share everything I’m ‘adding to cart’ in 2020.”

As many know, Serena, who's enjoyed a celebrated career of 25 years professionally, now has a three-year old daughter with husband Alexis Ohanian , co-founder of Reddit, and is known for her fit, active healthy lifestyle. Here is a recent picture of her with boxing legend Mike Tyson when they were working on her fitness game:

Serena's Amazon Product Selections

A component of the store are equipment for an active lifestyle, and health and wellness product selections. These selections fall into categories such as:

  • Serena’s Tennis Picks
  • Serena’s Nutrition Picks

Here is a glimpse of what the homepage of Serena's Amazon marketplace looks like:


These products revolve around fitness, working out, nutrition and tennis. Therefore, her store on Amazon may be most appropriate for those who are looking for products that are specific to those consumers working out, tennis enthusiasts and supplements that will ensure good health, and they are all selected by Serena Williams. The tennis picks include products such as the Wilson Prime Tennis Racket, the Wilson Prime Court Tennis Balls, and the Wilson 100 Series Tennis Racket. It appears the tennis star prefers the Wilson as her favorite brand.

As for nutrition picks, these products include a wide range of supplements range to ensure all around good health, a few notable products are, Happy Belly Trail Mix, with different flavor versions to choose from, an Olly Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummy, Olly Sleep Melatonin Gummy, to ensure a goodnights sleep, Amazon Elements Calcium Plus Vitamin D, for strong bones and Amazon Elements Coenzyme Q10. And just as with Serena's tennis products, it also appears Serena's choices are all also her go-to brands for nutrition picks.

There is even a quote from Serena about her love for the Miami Dolphins football team and a link to one of her favorite collection of NFL gear for the team. She left the quote for all to see:

“My favorite sports team is, of course, the Miami Dolphins, my home team. Venus and I have been part owners of the franchise for over 10 years now.”

When browsing through Serena's products, you can click on each one to learn more about the specific product’s qualities and its price. On another note, you can also look at the many other Athletes and well known A-list celebrities who also have their own Amazon stores with “hand picked” brands and products. To name a few, the likes of Oprah, Rob Gronkowski, Gabrielle Union, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt all are available for shoppers to find what they like, use and buy. It seems this is just the start of personalized Amazon stores launching featuring athletes, musicians, film stars and other famous individuals from all industries and walks of life.

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