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When it comes to parasitic infections, the major misconception is that it only occurs in underdeveloped places. It turns out that just about anyone anywhere is at risk. How does this work? Parasites, either miniscule or visible, feed on their host (let’s suppose humans). This process of feeding is expected to transmit bacteria, which later becomes infections. The end result? The body ends up negatively responding to it (i.e. sepsis).

While there are a number of ways to test whether consumers have parasitic infections (which will be later explained), symptoms to bear in mind include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, gas, headaches, and even a swollen esophagus among others. These vary depending on the type of parasite identified. Here’s Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse Supplement comes into play.

According to the claims made by Para Axe Plus, their approach has the potential to rid both parasites and associated toxins. How has this been achieved? Here’s what you need to know:

What is Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse Supplement?

Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse is a dietary supplement that has been created with the aims of supporting the body’s natural defense mechanism, helping consumers achieve a healthy immune system and possibly ridding one’s system of parasites and other toxins. Other areas of health that could improve with time includes one’s mood, energy levels and digestive health.

What ingredients went into making Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse Supplement?

Interestingly, the Para Axe Plus approach requires three key ingredients, including Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood Herb Powder and Clove Seed Powder. Here’s an overview of the roles each ingredient plays with respective to the health issue under investigation:

Black Walnut Hull

Black Walnut is a type of tree and it’s the outer layer, called the nut, that is commonly used for medicinal purposes. What makes this respective ingredient useful is its antioxidant-rich and antibacterial properties. The duo is expected to prevent the growth of bacterial and parasitic infections, and others such as diphtheria and syphilis.

Wormwood Herb Powder

Wormwood is deemed a common ingredient for treating parasitic infections. Home to a rich source of antioxidants, previous studies have shown that this ingredient reduced the presence of tapeworm levels. Interestingly, wormwood is made from the hulls of the black walnut.

Clove Seed Powder

Just like the former two, clove seed plays a significant role in eliminating parasites. To be more specific, it has been found to prevent the growth of parasites and could potentially prevent them from attaching to their host of choice. Because parasites depend on feeding, if this has been reduced in any way, the chances of surviving are likely slim.

Evidently, when the trio come together, the overall life cycle of parasites is disrupted, hence killing them once and for all.

What investment options currently exist?

Currently, consumers can choose from three different investment options. More specifically, they include one, three or six bottles, which cost $69 each, $59 each and $49 each respectively.

Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse Supplement FAQ's

Q. Are there any side effects from Para Axe Plus?

A. Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse website states the formula causes no side effects, other feeling healthier.

Q. What are the benefits of Para Axe Plus’ ?

A. Para Axe Plus Combats and eliminates parasitic infections, acts as a detoxification product, will greatly improve the immune system, can Reduces the risk of parasite infections, and preserves natural vitamins and micro-elements while combating harmful elements.

Q. Is Para-Axe Plus Guaranteed To Work?

A. Most supplements out there claim to provide a whole list of benefits with no solid backing, However, the makers of Para-Axe Plus are confident in this antiparasitic weight loss supplement. This means that you can use the product for six months to see if it works for you. And in case it doesn’t provide 100% satisfactory results, you can ask for a full refund This is why they have introduced a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee with every order, and when you ask for your refund, they won’t even ask you any questions.

Q. How do I Purchase Para-Axe Plus?

A.  We found Para-Axe Plus to be only sold on the brand’s official website at

Q. Who Makes Para-Axe Plus?

A. The manufacturer’s site has little on the way of information on the makers of Para-Axe Plus. According to the site, Para-Axe Plus is owned by a company with the same name. However, they do provide contact details of the manufacturer via email ( or contact by phone (1-888-569-5713).'

Q. Can this pill function as a weight-loss supplement?

A. This pill does aid in weight loss. But it doesn’t focus on weight loss as the main goal.

Q. How fast does Para-Axe Plus work?

A. For most people, it can take a week to see results. However, users need to consume the pills for a few weeks, the longer you use the product, the greater the effects should be.

Q. How much does the formula cost?

A. Right now the official webpage is running a special discounted price, one bottle for $69.00 with a savings of $80.00, package two offers six bottles for $49.00 each, with a savings of $600.00, package number three offers three bottles of the formula at $49.00 each with a savings of $270.00.


Parasitic infection is a disease that should not be taken lightly, as it can spread and negatively impact different organs in the body. Unfortunately, relying solely on symptoms alone cannot help to identify whether or not one has this type of infection. This is because each type of parasite has a different set of symptoms, with many overlapping ones. Some of the diagnosis tests consumers can consider include stool exams, colonoscopy, blood tests (assessing serology and blood smear) or even an MRI. This is a conversation to have with your own healthcare professional. With Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse, parasites are likely to lose the battle simply because of the inclusion of black walnut hull and its two components (i.e. woodworm and clove). Additionally, this group of ingredients has been previously studied on a number of cases – all of which conclude that parasites have either been reduced in length or vanished altogether.

On that note, one thing that consumers need to bear in mind in relation to the Cleanse Supplement is the lack of information regarding the recommended serving size and how long one bottle is expected to last. You can get the same results from taking a prescription, but this product works for those looking for a 100% natural solution to parasitic infections.Para-Axe Plus can also work as a preventative measure against parasites as it strengthens the immune system to reduce the risk of infections.

To learn more about Para Axe Plus’ Cleanse, click here.

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