Pepsi Debuts “That’s What I Like” TV Ads in New Videos Airing in January 2020

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Soda pop giant Pepsi is rolling out a new tactical tagline, "That's What I Like" and is celebrating it by releasing five new videos to start airing on TV this month.

Pepsi Releases New “That’s What I Like” Ads Campaign to Promote More than One Drink

A clean, crisp “That’s What I Like” tagline will appear in new Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar advertisements in January 2020. The main motto of the new Pepsi advertising campaign is to encourage consumers to do what they want and like, even if others are watching and judging them. To honor the new soda pop drink maker's catchphrase, Pepsi Co will release and roll out 5 new “That’s What I Like” TV commercials starting today. According to media sources, it seems the campaign was inspired by people who are loyal to Pepsi and do what they want without worrying about what others may think about them. Pepsi Vice President of Marketing, Todd Kaplan, shared his comments  about the new campaign who hopes the new expression will rival famous branded phrases like ‘Just Do It', ‘Finger Lickin' Good' or ‘Think Different':

“Pepsi has always been a brand associated with enjoyment – from barbeques to baseball games, to meals with family and friends. And we know that our most loyal Pepsi drinkers take that enjoyment up a notch, so it is no surprise that they are more likely than non-Pepsi drinkers to belt out a karaoke song, binge-watch their favorite shows, or wear their team jerseys to a rival’s home game.”

Here are some glimpses of the new Pepsi That's What I Like videos ‘Glow Up', ‘Fade Away', ‘DJ' and ‘Subway':

New Pepsi Ads to Air on Live TV During the Golden Globes and NFL Wild Card Games

The 5 new TV commercials are called DJ BBQ, La Lavandería, Fade Away, Subway and Glow Up. They present people who are getting lost into their enjoyable moments while others are staring at them. What’s even more interesting to know about these commercials is that they’ll be transmitted during the Golden Globes and NFL Wild Card games, two of the most-watched shows this season. Created in partnership with the Goodby Silverstein & Partners agency, they pretty much encourage the ethos of dancing-like-no-one’s-watching. VP of Marketing, Mr. Kaplan, went on to add:

“Pepsi drinkers are comfortable in their own skin, they enjoy their life unapologetically without really worrying about what other people think,” […] “Pepsi drinkers are three times more likely to belt out a song on karaoke or nearly twice as likely to clap at the end of the movie.”

All Pepsi Brands Unified Under the Same Slogan

While Americans enjoy bubbly sugar drinks such as Pepsi, they seem to lately have spent more of their money on beverages that promise to offer them many health benefits. With the new campaign and slogan aimed at all its brands, Pepsi is hoping to define the drinks is offering and to outduel their competition. According to Beverage Digest, fewer people in the US have bought carbonated soft drinks in 2018, with Coca-Cola’s main drink remaining flat, Diet Coke falling and Sprite with Coke Zero Sugar gaining. Executives at Pepsi said they’re very happy with how their brand performed in 2019. The new That's What I Like campaign is aimed at passionate and loyal Pepsi drinkers who enjoy their life without caring about what others think of them, especially since Pepsi has always been portrayed in commercials as the choice of the younger generation that also happens to be more daring. The new Pepsi tagline will be rolling out all this month in January 2020 as time will tell whether or not previous slogans like ‘The Joy of Cola' or ‘The Choice of a New Generation' or ‘Live for Now/For Those Who Think Young' will have more sticking power than That's What I Like in the future.

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