Professionals are now opting for Hair Follicle Drug Test

Employers, medical professionals, and lawyers are now showing enhanced interest in the hair follicle-based drug test that helps determine whether a person is using an illicit drug or has been misusing the prescription medication. The hair follicle test for the presence of drug can help determine the patterns for illicit use of a drug or any prescription medication that expands over a term of 3 months or so. The hair samples come down from the head of a person.

The testers can opt to use these follicles and check for the presence of specific drugs or they can examine the hair sample for the presence of drug classes or different drugs. The hair follicle can easily detect the presence of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. A person might be needed to undergo the drug testing process for things such as employment, medical purposes, or legal proceedings. Some companies might require a potential employee to take the drug test which is a part of their application evaluation process. This is particularly true for the jobs that tend to carry a specifically high injury risk. Employers might also organize random sessions for drug testing for the in-house employees to ensure everything is in place.

In the U.S. the laws for testing drugs tend to vary from one state to another. While some states ban the employers from this process implemented over their employers randomly, in order to organize a test the employer needs to provide sufficient evidence that aids their decision for testing any particular employee.

The courts might be required to opt for drug testing meant for the individuals that are on probation, child custody, domestic violence, and adoption. The healthcare providers might also request testing for the people that are at high risk of alcohol or drug misuse. However, it is crucial that the drug testing is conducted only after acquiring the written consent from the person.

The hair follicle test for the presence of drug can occur anywhere in a workplace, healthcare setting, or even at home. During this test, the examiner shall remove a minuscule hair sample that is close to the scalp of a person and then send the same to the laboratory for testing purpose conducted overnight. Certain foods and prescription medications like poppy seeds might contain compounds which lead to the showcase of a false positive result. The hair samples tend to undergo a 2-step process in order to ensure that the results are accurate to the core.

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