Viscera-3: SANE Post-Biotic Poop Supplement – Does It Work?

Viscera-3 is a posbiotic clinical research formulation by SANE MD made with CoreBiome TRIButyrate (Tributyrin) as a perfect pooping supplement health solution.

Viscera-3 is a postbiotic poop health supplement by SANE that claims to support gut health by quite literally helping poop out problems using a 10-second breakfast secret by a celebrity doctor that removes undigested food and activates the slim gut switch.

Made by US-based health and wellness company SANE, the Viscera-3 therapeutic-grade nutraceutical uses ingredients like tributyrin and fruit extract to support gut health. By taking Viscera-3 daily, you can purportedly get “perfect daily poops” and other benefits. The SANE Viscera-3 supplement is formulated to address the deadly leaky gut conditions without the use of traditional probiotic and fiber supplementation and opts to use a patent-pending post-biotic that unlocks the slim gut molecule that is proven to work regardless of any other dieting, detoxifying, cleansing and microbiome fix out there.

But does Viscera-3 really work? What’s in Sane MD Viscera-3 ingredients? Is there any scientific evidence supporting the postbiotic immunity pills formula? Find out everything you need to know about the SANE Viscera 3 supplement today in our review.

What is Viscera-3?

Viscera-3 is a nutritional supplement sold online through

The supplement is marketed as a “10-second breakfast secret” that helps anyone “poop out belly fat”. By supporting healthier poops, Viscera-3 can purportedly help you lose weight and enjoy other benefits.

In a dramatic video, we see SANE’s Jonathan Bailor sitting on a toilet explaining the importance of gut health. Bailor describes Viscera-3 as a “slim gut switch” that can help you “poop out 17 pounds of fat” while supporting your gut more effectively than fiber and probiotics.

Gut health is trendy. We’ve seen a surge in gut health supplement sales. Research shows gut health plays a crucial role in immunity, weight loss, digestion, and overall health and wellness. By supporting good gut health, you can support your body.

That all sounds good – but does Viscera-3 really work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Viscera-3 Work?

Viscera-3 is advertised with a range of different claims. Notably, SANE claims you can “poop out 17 pounds of fat” after taking the formula.

The company also claims you should get rid of fiber and probiotic supplements after buying Viscera-3 because their formula is better than either one.

SANE also claims their formula can give you “perfect poops” using a “miracle gut nutrient.” By providing your body with a significant dose of this gut nutrient, Viscera-3 purportedly boosts digestion better than other formulas on the market.

Some of the specific advertised methods of action for Viscera-3 include:

• Activate your slim gut switch and help with weight loss
• Access a powerful gut healing super nutrient
• Reduce foot intake, hunger levels, and cravings for easier weight loss
• Flood your body with antioxidants to promote wound healing and reduce inflammation
• Heal digestion problems, reduce bloating and gas, and enjoy perfect daily poops

Overall, SANE claims Viscera-3 can supercharge digestion in multiple ways, leading to benefits throughout your body.

Who Should Take Viscera-3?

SANE markets Viscera-3 to people experiencing gut problems, weight loss issues, leaky gut, and other problems. Found exclusively at, the Sane MD Viscera 3 supplement is set out to end deadly leaky gut syndrome while adding extra defense against the world's worst diseases. The healthy gut supplement is a next generation detoxification and cleansing formula due to the non use of fiber and probiotics due to the patented TRIButyrate post-biotic ingredient that can get the most out of the immune optimizing SCFA directly in the gut lining for improving digestion and stopping excess gas and bloating.

SANE claims these problems are signs of “gut nutrient deficiency”, and that taking Viscera-3 could help:

Inability to lose deadly visceral fat. Visceral fat is a particularly deadly type of fat. Studies show people with high levels of visceral fat have a higher risk of deadly diseases. Viscera-3 provides you with a “stinky nutrient” that goes to work in your lower colon, helping you lose weight.

Leaky gut issues that hurt digestion. Millions of people suffer from leaky gut, caused by an extra permeable intestinal wall. This extra permeability can cause deadly toxins and bacteria to enter your bloodstream, leading to various issues. SANE claims Viscera-3 can stop the painful and embarrassing bloating, gas, and digestion issues.

Diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating. SANE frequently mentions the importance of healthy poops. If you have digestive issues, or if your poop is too firm or too soft, then “your gut is making weight loss impossible”, according to SANE. The nutrient in Viscera-3 purportedly gives you perfect poops.

Viscera-3 Ingredients

Clearly, SANE believes in the power of its formula. To achieve these benefits, Viscera-3 contains five active ingredients, including:

CoreBiome Tributyrin: SANE describes tributyrate as a “gut healing super-nutrient.” After entering the body, tributyrate creates short chain fatty acids in the lower colon, promoting a healthy gut. This is the “stinky” nutrient described in SANE’s video. Each 3 capsule serving of Viscera-3 contains 1,000mg of CoreBiome Tributyrate (as tributyrin). It’s a patented form of butyrate. Typically, butyrate is an unstable molecule that cannot be delivered directly to your lower colon where it provides the most benefits. CoreBiome has created a patented form of butyrate with better potency. It helps with weight loss, leaky gut, belly fat, and immune response, according to SANE.

Magnesium: Viscera-3 contains magnesium, which is important for helping your muscles expand and contract to create regular bowel movements. If you don’t have enough magnesium, you could become constipated.

Grape Seed Extract: Viscera-3 contains grape seed extract, an antioxidant-rich formula that could promote wound healing and reduce inflammation.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate is an anti-aging gut health secret that promotes healthy cell regeneration.

Chromium: Viscera-3 contains chromium to reduce food intake, reduce hunger levels, and lower carb and fat cravings, among other benefits. SANE claims it’s been shown to reduce fat in and around the gut and decrease body weight.

Scientific Evidence for Viscera-3

SANE claims their formula is “clinically proven”. The Viscera-3 sales page also features numerous logos for major media outlets and America’s best medical schools, including Harvard Medical School, UCLA Medical Center, Yale University, and Johns Hopkins.

All of this is misleading: top doctors from Harvard and Yale have not endorsed Viscera-3. They’ve endorsed SANE as a weight loss program. And, Viscera-3 has not gone through any clinical trials or scientific studies, although the individual ingredients within the formula have been studied. SANE cites approximately 10 studies on its Viscera-3 sales page.

SANE cites this 2018 study, for example, that examined the activities of butyrate in the colon. Researchers found that butyrate has two biological activities in the colon, including:

• Supressing the proliferation of colonic epithelial stem cells
• Suppression of inflammation

Researchers found that butyrate was more effective than other compounds for producing short chain fatty acids within the colon, which could provide the two benefits listed above and help with digestion, among other benefits.

SANE also cites this 2013 study comparing butyrate and colorectal cancer, including the role of butyrate in colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is one of the most common solid tumors. Butyrate, according to researchers, “presents an anticarcinogenic effect”, potentially killing certain cancer cells linked to colorectal cancer.

Intestinal short chain fatty acids like butyrate are linked with diet and human health in various ways. Your colon is inhibited by a dense population of microorganisms (also known as your gut microbiota).

These microorganisms ferment carbohydrates and proteins that escape absorption in your small intestine. If there aren’t enough microorganisms in your colon, then it leads to poor digestion. This 2016 study showed that the production of bacteria in your colon is linked with diet, and that changing your diet can increase short chain fatty acid production. Butyric acid (C4) is one of the most abundant short chain fatty acids in the colon.

Butyrate has been linked with other effects. Researchers linked butyrate to improved insulin sensitivity and increased energy expenditure in mice in a 2009 study, for example, suggesting that butyrate has certain anti-diabetic effects.

Similarly, SANE cites this 2009 study showing that sodium butyrate stimulates neurogenesis (the growth of brain cells) in adult rodents after ischemic injury.

The other ingredients in Viscera-3 are also backed by evidence.

This 2013 study reviewed available evidence on pomegranate and the gastrointestinal tract, concluding that the ellagic acid in pomegranate had anti-inflammatory effects and benefited the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers have found similar benefits with chromium and grape seed extract.

Overall, there’s evidence that the ingredients in Viscera-3 can support digestion in various ways and help you lose weight. SANE’s claims may be slightly too bold, suggesting that you can poop out 17 pounds of fat and enjoy powerful benefits in just 48 hours, and Viscera-3 has not been individually studied.

Viscera-3 Marketing

SANE markets Viscera-3 online through a compelling, even entertaining and educational sales presentation that is even a bit dramatic at times. The company makes strong claims about its perfect pooping supplement and how it works, describing it as a “10-second breakfast secret to poop out belly fat”, helping you lose 17 pounds of weight while enjoying other benefits.

Some also take issue with the “Emergency Health Report” video presentation. SANE has created a video player that looks like a viral YouTube video. SANE claims their Emergency Health Report is the #5 trending video the United States, has 7.7 million videos, and has 178,000 likes. While none of this is fully verifiable, the populartity of the Viscera-3 supplement by Sane MD has become a solution for thousands of individuals this year already.

Some also take issue with the fact that the Viscera-3 sales page is filled with emblems of Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and other major medical schools in the United States, suggesting these schools have studied or endorsed Viscera-3.

That’s not true: several doctors from these schools have endorsed the SANE weight loss plan, but they have not specifically recommended using Viscera-3 (although Harvard researchers did lead a study on butyrate).

SANE is a legitimate supplement company with transparent ingredient information and manufacturing location data, so it’s unusual the company resorts to cheap tricks to sell Viscera-3. Typically, we see these marketing tactics with sleazier supplement companies. However, clearly it’s working to sell Viscera-3.

Viscera-3 Pricing

Viscera-3 is priced at $33 to $47 per bottle, depending on how many you order:

  • 1 Bottle: $47 + $7.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $127 + $7.95 Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $197 + Free Shipping

It’s important to note that each bottle contains just 15 servings (45 capsules) of the formula.

Viscera-3 Refund Policy

Viscera-3 comes with a 365 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within one year of your purchase.

However, there are two ‘catches’ in the fine print of this refund policy:

• if you have opened or used Viscera-3, then you receive a prorated refund based on the unused portion
• You only receive a cash refund within 90 days of your purchase; beyond 90 days, you receive a refund in the form of a SANE store gift card

A 365-day refund policy is still generous, although it’s important to read the fine print.

About SANE

SANE is a nutritional supplement company led by Jonathan Bailor. The Bellevue, Washington-based company employs coaches, developers, designers, researchers, and counselors around the world.

SANE CEO Jonathan Bailor is best-known for writing two books, including The Setpoint Diet and The Calorie Myth. In these books, Bailor explored why some people eat 6,000 calories and lose weight while others eat 1,500 calories and gain weight.

Bailor has also created the SANE diet plan, which is endorsed by doctors at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and other major educational institutions.

SANE also does business under the name SANESolution or Yopti, LLC.

You can contact SANE via the following:

  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 227 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 257, Bellevue, WA 98004
  • Phone: 347-979-1735

Final Word

Viscera-3 is a nutritional supplement that purportedly supports digestion in multiple ways, helping you lose weight by encouraging better poops. The ingredients in Viscera-3 target your lower colon, delivering short chain fatty acids to your lower colon to support better digestion.

Overall, there’s some evidence the active ingredients in Viscera-3 work as advertised to support digestion, weight loss, and other benefits.

To learn more about Viscera-3 or to buy online today, visit

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