Biotox Gold: New Biotox Nutrition Supplement Debuts Online

Biotox Gold by Biotox Nutrition is a fat burning weight loss supplement using an ugly, exotic fruit plant that is to be used in conjunction with a strange 30-second morning ritual that can kill sugar cravings, lower carb intake, detoxify and re-energize the body naturally.

Biotox Nutrition recently launched a weight loss supplement called Biotox Gold. As per the claims made, it is poised to increase fat metabolism so that stubborn belly fat can be eliminated once and for all. In fact, its formula was allegedly founded on Indonesian practices, which promotes a holistic approach to wellness. What might this practice entail? How has it been incorporated in the Biotox Gold formula?

The purpose of this review is to introduce Biotox Gold’s several facets including its intentions, how it works, the ingredients that make this formula unique compared to industry standards and much more. Here’s what there is to know so far:

What is Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold is described as a 100%, all-natural weight loss supplement that aims to not only help attain weight management goals, but also induce healthy fat burning, obtain a healthier blood sugar levels, joints and the heart all show improvements, gaining full control over the root causes of fat storage.

How does Biotox Gold work?

Biotox Gold is made to target a particular hormone that stores excess fat and makes any efforts in losing weight useless. In boosting its function, individuals are likely to experience a surge in their metabolism and weight loss endeavors. But first, it is important that individuals familiarize themselves with this hormone, which is none other than motilin.

What is Motilin?

Motilin is a 22-amino acid polypeptide hormone that is secreted by Mo cells in the small intestine. It is mainly tasked with emptying out the digestive tract through intestinal muscle contractions. In fact, motilin is what ensures that undigested food is cleared out. When this fails, one can anticipate bacterial overgrowth, increased hunger, nutrients deficiency and many others [1].

What ingredients are in Biotox Gold?

The Biotox Gold formula houses different sources of herbal ingredients. That said, here’s a look at a few that have been revealed so far:

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is nothing more than the rind of a fruit home to South East Asia. In today’s society, its uses are evident within the weight loss supplement. Though research provides limited evidence for its benefits, one main thing that has since come up is its ability to reduce lipogenesis (i.e. fat production). Due to the fact that this ingredient can target fat metabolism, individuals might be left with diarrhea. This is simply a sign for high motility in the body.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is widely known for its rich source of antioxidants. Primarily, its compound, “resveratrol” carries gallic acid, catechin and epicatechin. As a result, it could play a vital role in increasing the body’s bioavailability. In fact, this ingredient is also found to have a positive impact in achieving balance in the gastrointestinal flora [2].

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum extract [3] is a simple extract derived from crushed hot peppers, vinegar and some oil as a base. It is considered effective in digestion because it’s role entails signaling the stomach when more substances are needed to digest food. Other suggested benefits include eliminating gut bacteria (the bad kind of course), suppressing one’s appetite and reducing sugar cravings. The latter is crucial here as the gut is sensitive to foods high in sugar.


Eleuthero [4] is a Siberian ginseng historically used for medicinal purposes. According to the claims made, this ingredient serves as a natural adaptogen, which means that it supports the body in times of stress (physically, chemically or biologically). So far, the two main components that have been generally studied include eleutherosides B and E. Hence, this is what one should anticipate in the Biotox Gold formula.

Other ingredients include Guarana, Panax Ginseng, Irvingia Gabonensis, Maca Root, and Licorice Root.

Pros and Cons of Biotox Gold


Starting with the pros, Biotox Gold is 100%, all-natural and non-GMO. This implies that the ingredients are generally safe for consumption. Other pros include:

  • Selected ingredients work in boosting different areas of health
  • Most of these ingredients have been traditionally used for decades
  • Could potentially support healthy joints, arteries, blood sugar levels, sexual drive, youthfulness and many others
  • Reduces concerns regarding possible health complications
  • Offered in liquid drop from for utmost nutrients absorption
  • Crafted in an FDA approved facility


The major concern with such supplements is that they are not FDA-approved, which means that there are no guarantees that Biotox Gold is safe or effective despite it being all-natural. Others include:

  • No information on the nutritional facts
  • No information on the company behind Biotox Gold (i.e. Biotox Nutrition)
  • Vague as to how select ingredients target the motilin hormone
  • No evidence supporting long-term use

How do I take Biotox Gold?

The suggested uses entail one serving per day first thing in the morning. For optimal results, individuals should consider taking it for at least 90 days. The reason for this is that the body requires time to adapt to the changes imposed by these very ingredients.

How much does Biotox Gold cost?

The Biotox Gold retail price differs according to the quantities purchased. Here is a summary:

  • 1 Biotox Gold (40-day supply): $79
  • 3 Biotox Gold (120-day supply) + Free Colon Clear: $165
  • 6 Biotox Gold (240-day supply) + Free Colon Clear + Free Biotox Complete: $252

As the name suggests, Colon Clear is a dietary supplement that initiates colon cleansing. Due to the detoxification process, nutrients are likely to be depleted. To replenish this, Biotox Nutrition is also offering its multivitamin called, Biotox Complete. The two are offered for free only when 6 Biotox Gold are purchased.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Biotox Gold is a dietary supplement that rids one’s body of fat production. The ingredients found in this formula appear to reverse the effects imposed on the body due to low motility. This includes increasing fat metabolism and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, inducing interactions with different organs to promote digestion, suppressing and reducing hunger and cravings respectively and helping the body overcome stress. As a result, many health complications are believed to be prevented altogether.

Paying $79 for a supply may seem unreasonable, however, each Biotox Gold offers a 40-day supply rather than a 30-day. In this case, each serving comes out to about $1.97 as opposed to the industry average of $2.30 per serving. This might not seem like a big difference at first, but as one’s journey progresses, the costs will add up.

Having said all that, the key concern with Biotox Gold is not having the full nutritional facts available. This seems risky given that select ingredients are effective at specific doses and anything in excess could lead to unwanted side effects. To be fully informed, individuals are highly recommended to contact customer service at prior to making a purchase. Click here to find out more.

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