JumpStart Diet Plan by Diet Demand Launches Telemedicine Weight Loss System

The new Diet Demand JumpStart Diet plan leverages a new doctor-designed telemedicine weight loss model based on the ever-popular Mediterranean Diet where users can leverage personal health coaches, trainers and certified weight loss professionals.
  • The JumpStart Diet's Mediterranean diet focus is lauded as a heart-healthy regimen that is rich with omega-3s.
  • Diet Demand, a virtual weight loss system states that consumers can lose up to 15 lbs a month with the customized Jumpstart Diet Plan.

Anyone presently on a diet wants to see results quickly, but every diet takes a little time before consumers are able to see the inches and pounds start melting away. But what if it was possible to trigger a little faster weight loss with minimal changes? That’s what Diet Demand states that consumers can do by using their Jumpstart Diet Plan.

The Mediterranean diet is popular for its effect on the heart, and in fact US News ranked it as the #1 best ranked diet in 2020, as it is one of the most heart-healthy eating plans circulating right now. The foods are based on a plentiful array of recipes from regions that border the Mediterranean Sea, based on the lack of death-related coronary artery disease in the area. This type of eating plan has been associated with the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors for heart disease, as well as other common chronic conditions.

While the list of calorie restrictions is likely the reason that many people love this diet, it can also lead to the demise of others. The meals are centered around vegetables, lean protein, eggs, seafood, olive oil, and red wine, among other ingredients, fueling the body with the omega-3s that it needs for the heart and brain. The diet has typically helped with regulating blood pressure, lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Even with all of the benefits that the Mediterranean Diet alone has, the process of weight loss on such a plan is slow. However, the team with Diet Demand believes there’s a way to remedy this circumstance. The drive to keep losing weight is directly associated with seeing their fruits of labor, and the team believes that improving the speed at which weight is lost will be enticing enough to keep dieters going. With these concerns in mind, Diet Demand launched their Jumpstart Diet Plan where users can gain unlimited access to certified wellness doctors, nurses, nutritionists and personal coaches on-demand.

The goal of the ‘revolutionary medical weight loss program' plan is to help consumers feel differently about their current place in life, especially their own weight while applying smarter weight loss science. Some people feel guilty eating anything other than what their diet plan is, even though their diet essentially sets them up to be continually hungry. Weight loss is a combination of figuring out to eat properly to get the greatest benefits from their hormones, metabolism, poor eating habits, fitness and other lifestyle factors. There are alot of nutritional myths floating around the internet today and DietDemand's JumpStart Diet hopes to help users by giving them direct access to professional physicians, licensed nutritionists and certified experts in their respective areas of wellness.

By integrating the fast-acting Jumpstart Diet Plan, the team at Diet Demand states that the clients that engage in the Mediterranean-based meal plan can end up losing anywhere from 10 to 15 lbs. per month by stopping the weight gain cycle. With the fast weight loss, consumers remain relatively motivated to keep up the progress, pushing them closer and closer towards their target weight. The routine is meant to improve energy levels, increase mobility, and generally increase vitality.

Unlike other diets, the Jumpstart plan eliminates the waiting period that most consumers have when they originally begin a regimen. The plan offers in-depth details that equip the user with knowledge, results, and guidance, which is sorely missing from the health industry today. With less hunger cravings, consumers can focus on their appetite less and working on their physique more. The diet also helps the user to feel more full from the food that they have, which also helps with their activity during the day and in reducing inflammation.

In order to learn about the way that this virtual telemedicine program works, consumers will need to contact one of the Weight Loss Specialists with Diet Demand. By deciding to get involved with the Jumpstart Diet program, consumers will have access to:

  • A doctor consultation with one of the licensed specialists on Diet Demand’s staff
  • A customized diet plan that is tailored to the user’s specific health profile
  • A prescription regimen that works with the customized diet plan
  • Fast shipping on all of the recommended prescriptions

There’s no need for visiting a doctor in person with the program, and there’s no massive wait time. DietDemand also offers two other weight loss programs in medically-supervised weight loss program and a genetic testing for weight loss program. There is also a DietDemand Weight Loss Shakes available as a powdered supplement. It will be interesting to see how the launch fares against other popular trending diets such as Dr. Oz's System 20 which is based on intermittent fasting. To learn more information, visit their official JumpStart Diet plan website or call 888-786-9568.

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