Mark Wahlberg Slams Dr. Oz’s Intermittent Fasting System, Cancelling Breakfast Plan

For decades, the health industry has focused on breakfast as being the most important meal of the day, especially by brands that create breakfast foods. While the infamous Dr. Oz is now telling the public that they don’t need it using his new System 20 plan, fitness enthusiast Mark Wahlberg disagrees entirely, challenging Dr. Oz to a workout session.
  • Dr. Oz System 20 states that there’s no reason to continue to eat breakfast on a daily basis, aka intermittent fasting
  • TMZ reports that celebrity actor Mark Wahlberg has challenged the TV doctor to a training workout session, which he has accepted.

Dr. Oz made some bold statements on one of the recent episodes of his show, stating that consumers don’t actually need to eat breakfast every day. The System 20 lifestyle plan Dr. Oz introduced on the Doctor Oz TV show at the start of 2020 is what sparked many A-list celebrities, such as Kris Jenner, from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, to add commentary about the intermittent fasting-based diet program and which she agreed with the idea as soon as she was informed that Dr. Oz was promoting its benefits.

But once the most famous TV doctor in the world declared dieting is dead and propped his IF-centric System 20 wellness program, there’s one person who has been rather vocal about his disagreement – another A-lister Mark Wahlberg. According to the actor, he not only states that the body benefits from the fuel that breakfast offers, so much that he even says that he has two breakfasts a day. While Mr. Walhberg might have a break-fast and then a brunch daily, Dr. Oz told TMZ, “better to wait a few hours until you're actually hungry to eat.”

Recently, there’s been studies that have been supporting the #cancelbreakfast efforts that Dr. Oz have taken on. In fact, some of these studies even claim that breakfast has next to no effect on the body, its weight, the metabolism, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. However, regardless of any of the information presently being published, Wahlberg seems to have taken this statement as a challenge as the two powerhouse personalities are not seeing eye-to-eye on whether or not intermittent fasting or not cancelling breakfast is optimal. Dr. Oz's System 20 basically recommends not eating after 7PM and then essentially having a brunch around 10/11AM which reduces the diet followers eating window to roughly 8 hours per day to consume foods and nutritional meals.

Wahlberg took to social media to use this conversation as a way to focus on F45, which is a fitness company in Australia that he chose to invest in. He also took the opportunity to challenge Dr. Oz’s stance, according to an article on TMZ.

Since the post came out, Dr. Oz has doubled down on the statements, saying that he is willing to accept the challenge for a training session with Wahlberg without having any breakfast. He reposted an article by TMZ to his Twitter feed, stating, “Let’s settle this in the gym.”

The Dr. Oz System 20 healthy lifestyle plan is based on intermittent fasting, which was the number one trending diet in 2019, as this is where all of the breakfast is dead commentary is spawning from since announcing the new weight loss diet guide. He also put together a fitness exercise routine to work within the System 20 framework, led by celebrity trainers Jeanette Jenkins and Yusuf Myers and shared it on his ‘Lose 20 Lbs With These Excercises & Take Control of Your Health In 2020' video:

Maybe Mark will have a bigger cancel breakfast challenge with Dr. Oz than the ripped Hollywood movie star thinks given the System 20 exercise plan he has been following. All jokes aside, Mark and Dr. Oz will likely spin this into a net positive and keep spreading awareness about ‘the most important meal of the day'.

However, Mark looks to be in his best shape of his life, plugging his F45 training workout company along the way:

This diet battle between Dr. Oz, System 20 and intermittent fasting versus Mark Wahlberg and his two-breakfast eat-small-meals-all-day-long regimen shall be an interesting, eventful and highly entertaining spectacle throughout the course of 2020. While there are plenty of diet rankings out there to choose from, who are you picking between Mark and Dr. Oz? And more importantly – who are you following with your personal diet guides?

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