Invisible Defender: Reusable Face Masks for Men, Women and Kids

Invisible Defender is a reusable face mask for men, women and young children that offers safe personal protection equipment made with a premium contoured fit to help fight against airborne illnesses.

Invisible Defender is a company that's made up of a host of qualified individuals who are working together to produce effective Personal Protective Equipment; such as clothing manufacturers, medical executives, and fabric manufacturers, to protect consumer's health, and to defend themselves against the germs that they cannot see.

Recently, the owner and creator Invisible Defender, Tori Klein (out of northern California), was recently featured in a local Sacramento news outlet and referenced that the company had already sold over 1 million reusable face masks and counting.

What is Invisible Defender?

The recent outbreaks and spread of the COVID-19 virus, leaders of the world, are implementing mandatory rules for wearing masks for anyone in a public place. For months, face masks have only been a recommended way to protect consumers from getting sick. However, with the new requirements, consumers may find it harder than ever to get the masks that they desperately need.

Seeking to fill the void, Invisible Defender is on a mission called #Masks4All. In their mission, they’ve collaborated with manufacturers in the United States to create reusable face masks. The team is well-equipped to meet this need and made up of community members in the medical field and other industries. With this collaboration, the brand brings two masks to the public – The Ultimate Defender and The H1 Defender.

About the Ultimate Defender

The Ultimate Defender (UD1) offers a contoured fit with a two-strap design that can protect users from getting chafed around their ears. It is machine washable and can order only a minimum of 100 masks or more. There’s only one size and comes pleated with an arched nose.

The UD1 mask’s smallest package of 100 masks costs $795.

About the H1 Defender

With a H1 Defender mask, consumers will also get the two-strap design, and it offers gentle modeling to the face, rather than the snug fit of the former. The universal design is also machine washable, though it is better suited to athletic activities.

These reusable face masks, which also must be purchased in a quantity of 100, starts at $695 for the smallest package.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Invisible Defender Masks

The Invisible Defender reusable face masks may be on a #Masks4All mission, but there are still many questions and maybe even concerns about using the Invisible Defender product lineup. Here are some common questions found that others may be asking in regards to these newly launched, trendy, youth and adult reusable face masks.

Q. Will the masks block the novel coronavirus from spreading to the user?

A. While the CDC recommends the use of a mask, there is no guarantee that the user will not get sick. These masks are not medical-grade, and they will not block the user from contracting a virus.

Q. What material is the H1 Defender mask made from?

A. These masks are made of cloth. There is no filter to keep out particles and germs in the air.

Q. What colors are the H1 Defender masks available in?

A. Most of the masks are made of dark colors. However, the company is not currently taking requests, which is primarily due to a shortage of material at the moment.

Q.  Can I use the same mask over and over?

Each Mask is washed and shrink tested prior to production. The masks will withstand washing at least 20 to 25 times

For consumers that may want to contact the company can do so by emailing them at


Invisible Defender entered the market to help to protect consumers. The CDC recommends the use of masks, but consumers seem to be on the fence about how much help they offer. Still, both of these masks are comfortable to wear, and they will allow individuals everywhere to be compliant with the mandatory rules for personal protective equipment. To check out the Invisible Defender reusable face masks for men and women, as well as kids and young children, check out

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