Fast Ship Face Mask: New Reusable Double Layer Machine Washable Mask Debuts

Fast Ship Face Mask is a double layer, machine washable, reusable face mask that comes in multiple colors with soft comfortable ear straps for a cooling, fully-facial breathable feel.

Fast Ship Face Mask, founded by three gentlemen by the first names of Tony, Oliver and Donald, has recently caught headlines for its trendy reusable face masks that are of course “shipping fast”. The pandemic has brought many changes in the world today as wearing face masks has slowly become the standard norm for leaving the friendly confines of your own home.

After seeing how difficult is was becoming to find a reliable, reusable face mask that can add an extra layer of protection and pass all emerging best practices rules of wearing a mask in public to impede COVID-19 from spreading, this new business concept of making custom suits will begin manufacturing and distributing face masks. At the moment, US citizens are finding it hard to find businesses that make face masks, so many citizens are forced to go out without one. Some companies take advantage of this situation and are selling the lowest-quality masks for exorbitantly high prices. However, Fast Ship is not one of these companies. With the star of the website around April 2020, the new Fast Ship Double Layer Machine Washable Face Mask came to be popular due to its simple, yet straight forward looking and feeling reusable facial protectors.

Why the Fast Ship Face Mask?

Fast Ship wants to help individuals in America to wear high-quality, affordable face masks during the pandemic and brought the Fast Ship Double Layer Machine Washable Face Mask to market and made it available as the perfect fit for those who want to protect not only themselves but also others.  Since the COVID-19 crisis and other airborne illness concerns heightened in 2020, now more than 80,000 people have bought the Fast Ship Face Mask, and their numbers are continuously increasing according to the demand vai their website. This may be due to the Fast Ship reusable face mask being affordable, eco-friendly, high-quality materials, and available in 7 colors (from Classic White to Camo and Flower). There’s even a version with the US flag for those looking for a little extra flare. By using the Fast Ship Face Mask, Americans can ensure they are doing their simple part in wearing one to protect not only themselves, but others from this dreadful virus and its possible spread.

Fast Ship Face Mask Features

The Fast Ship Face Mask has many useful features according to the official website that make it the best product in its category. These features are:

  • Softness, so people with susceptible skin can use it even during the hottest summer days
  • Comfortable and entirely covers the nose and mouth
  • Low-profile and sleek design, which means it stays only on the face areas through which viruses get in the body, except the eyes
  • Straps that don’t put any pressure on the ears
  • Breathable and cooling, so perfect for the summer season too
  • Made 95% from pure cotton and 5% from flexible spandex
  • Universal sizes that fit most people

Fast Ship Face Mask Prices

Fast Ship includes free shipping on all orders of $39.00 and over, prices offered on the Fast Ship Masks:

  • 1 Fast Ship Mask for $6.99, reduced from $11.99
  • 3-Pack for $19.99, down from $29.99
  • 6-Pack for $39.99, reduced from $71.99 and with FREE shipping
  • 10-Pack for %69.99 with FREE shipping
  • 25-Pack for $169.99, FREE shipping
  • 100-Pack for $499.99, with FREE shipping and reduced from $1,199.99

To contact the company with product questions and information may do so by phone, Monday – Sunday 9 AM-9 PM EST   at 1-888-683-8719. All Fast Ship Masks are made in the US and shipped from 1343 Main Street #309 – Sarasota, FL 34236.

What’s also noticeable about Fast Ship is that it donates one mask to a local hospital for healthcare workers each time 5 Fast Ship Face Masks are purchased. To purchase Fast Ship face masks on the official website, it can be found at It is also important to note the Fast Ship reusable face mask website does state that their facial protection gear is not FDA approved and do not officially state any medical claims in regards to their benefit or usage.

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